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How to Draw a Student Clipart with beautiful large eyes

How To Draw A Student Clipart

Study this student clipart carefully before proceeding with this step-by-step lesson related to school! Indeed, you are about to illustrate a cute cartoon boy wearing glasses and a heavy bag filled with books, electronic devices (we need to stay up-to-date!) and miscellaneous content.

There are no obvious tips for illustrating a student, but some important details can be added to achieve our goal. In this case, I have sketched glasses, a bag and a cap. You could also try more features like drawing a uniform or books inside the character's hands.

Ready? Let's draw the cute character above using only four easy steps ...

Step 1

First, draw the head using a large square. Then, create the body and the legs using small rectangles as shown in the illustration below. As you can see, the legs are very thin while the body is a little bit larger. The head should remain the biggest shape of all.

Inside this head, draw two large circular shapes to form the eyes. The pupils are created from small circles. A line is drawn between both eyes to illustrate that these are glasses, not simple eyes. Finally, draw a large mouth using a long curved line.

How To Draw A Student Clipart

Step 2

Alright! On top of the head, draw a cap using two rectangles. The one on the bottom must be lower, but larger. On both sides of the head, draw ears using circular shapes. Then, draw the arms and the hands using small rectangles and circles. Complete this step by adding the feet.

How To Draw A Student Clipart

Step 3

On both sides of the head, draw some hair using only two curved lines. Behind the cartoon student, draw a large rectangle made with round corners to depict the bag. The backpack also comes with two shoulder straps that are illustrated from small rectangles. Excellent! It's time to add colors!

How To Draw A Student Clipart

Step 4

As you can see below, this character is quite colorful! The cap is colored in red, just like the shoes. The hair is blond and the shirt is orange. The backpack is colored in green while the pants are grey. Finally, the pupils and the glasses are blue.

How To Draw A Student Clipart

Nice! This student clipart is simple, but quite effective!

Below, you can see all steps needed to draw this colorful cartoon student. Feel free to experiment and try various accessories, colors or gender.

How To Draw A Student Clipart

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel free to try more cute characters like this one if you wish to improve your abilities quickly and effectively. :)

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