How to draw a strawberry clip art that looks simply delicious

Learn how to create a simple strawberry clip art using a few basic tips to create depth and volume easily. You will learn how to draw this delicious fruit in just a few seconds and how to play with plain colors to make this illustration as realistic as possible. Of course, we could work with a more complex version using gradient colors, transparency and various digital effects, but our goal is to come up with a satisfying cartoon strawberry using only basic shapes and colors.

Using a short video to see it all in action

You can start this tutorial by taking a look at the short video found below. In this clip, you can see all steps required to illustrate this strawberry clip art in just a few minutes. If you prefer to read and take all the time needed to study all these steps carefully, simply proceed with the written version located after the video below.

Drawing this cute strawberry in just four easy steps

Cool! Let's begin this drawing lesson with the creation of a simple template made from basic shapes. The fruit itself is done using a large circular shape. Then, you can draw the stem using a long rectangle. All four leaves are represented by thick triangles. That's it for this part of the lesson!

Now that we have a simple template to work with, let's draw the strawberry using mostly curved lines. Notice how the fruit is slightly narrower near the bottom and larger on top. You can also draw several seeds on the strawberry using various small oval shapes.

Excellent! The result so far looks quite interesting, but adding colors is a must to transform this boring illustration into an appealing one. Remember that we are using plain colors for this drawing lesson. Let's see how we can make this cartoon strawberry interesting without using special digital effects.

For the stem and the leaves, we need two different green colors (one dark and another one brighter). The dark color is used to create some shadows. Inside the strawberry, three different red colors are needed. A dark version is used to create a long shadow and a bright one is needed for the circular spot near the right of the illustration.

Good job drawing a cute strawberry clip art!

Below you can see all four steps required to illustrate this fruit properly. Another tutorial using the same recipe (but created with a more realistic approach) is available here. Have fun drawing more strawberries and feel free to add more effects to come up with something cuter and more entertaining.

If you want to work with different fruits, then you can also try a few samples below. These delicious illustrations are fun and easy to work with. :)

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