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Drawing farm animals using Step-By-Step Drawing Lessons

Sometimes, it can be a good idea to simply take visual step-by-step drawing lessons to learn how to draw cute animals. That's exactly what I am offering here: six simple drawing lessons featuring cool farm animals. All characters are original and cannot be found anywhere else. These animals are based on the same template, but the result will vary based on the physical uniqueness of each character.

So grab a piece of paper, a good pencil and try these simple tutorials now. Despite the fact that characters might look complex to duplicate, they are actually very simple to draw. Have fun! :)

how to draw a cat with large pupils colored in blue

The first lesson is featuring a cute mostly made from basic circles, rectangles and squares. First, a template is created using all these basic shapes. Then, simple lines are added inside the head to help place the facial features correctly.

Once you are done, you can draw the cat using perfect curved lines made from pointed ends. Don't forget to add fun details like hair near the cheeks and whiskers. The animal is filled with plain colors. In this case, you can use a bright orange color for the head and the body. A bright blue color is used inside the eyes.

Drawing Farm Animals Using Step-By-Step Drawing Lessons

creating a cartoon dog with long ears

This second animal is also created from the same template. This time, make sure that both ears a long, thin and drawn near the head. More fun lines are used to create the head and the chin. Eyes and pupils are done using perfect lines.

The nose is made from an oval shape and the mouth from a thin curved line. A patch can be sketched around the mouth. The pupils and the nose are filled with a dark brown color. Great work! Learning how to work with simple step-by-step drawing lessons can be fun! :)

Drawing Farm Animals Using Step-By-Step Drawing Lessons

it's time to sketch a nice from made from curved lines

This character is slightly different. First, both eyes are located on top of the head and are made from perfect circular shapes. The body is done using a large rectangle. More thin oval shapes are needed to form the back legs. Hands are more complex and fingers can be seen.

The character is filled with a saturated green color and pupils are red. A patch is added on the chest. You can also change the color of the outlines and use a dark green color.

Drawing Farm Animals Using Step-By-Step Drawing Lessons

Using a different posture to create an adorable cartoon pig

Let's draw a cartoon pig using a different posture and rounder shapes. This time, ears are made from tiny rectangles and the nose from a large oval shape. All four legs are small and done using tiny shapes. Of course, it's important to create this tiny tail behind the character.

You can use a bright pink color inside the illustration. Just like we did with previous characters, don't forget to draw subtle reflections inside the pupils. Excellent! This cartoon pig looks great! A few more step-by-step drawing lessons are available below. :)

Drawing Farm Animals Using Step-By-Step Drawing Lessons

Let's keep the same posture to create a lovely sheep

This animal is also different because for the first time, the head is slightly lower than the body. For this adorable sheep, you can start with the creation of the ears using short curved lines. All four legs are done using rectangles and triangles. Around the body, sketch several short curved lines.

The nose and the mouth are done with simple curved lines. A wide variety of gray colors can be used inside the subject. Nice work! One last fun animal and we are done for this series.

Drawing Farm Animals Using Step-By-Step Drawing Lessons

we are slowly getting there with this cute turtle ...

Let's keep the same posture for this final illustration. This fun animal is made with large legs that are done using rectangles. The shell is done using long curved lines. Don't forget to draw a few patches inside this one.

Eyes are made from perfect circles, just like the pupils. The character is filled with subtle green colors. The tail is represented by a tiny triangles and nails are added on the bottom of all legs. Nice work! :)

Drawing Farm Animals Using Step-By-Step Drawing Lessons

I hope you had fun using these simple step-by-step drawing lessons to create six amazing characters quickly and easily. If you are looking for more challenging subjects to work with, then simply try one of the exotic animals found below. Have fun and remember to practice as often as possible. That's the key to becoming better at drawing. Seriously! ;)

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