Starting on an idea

by Isaac

If you've got an idea that might just work, then I suppose you'd like to get started drawing it. This is what I would usually do:

I would create a quick sketch of my idea, with stickman characters and rough drawings. I would double check the small sketch, and imagine I were a person that did not make it, viewing it. If I think it would make them laugh or giggle, I would get started on the big stuff.

First, I ruler out the boxes with a thin pencil like a 2H. Then, I would ruler out text lines at the top of every frame, even if in that frame no one was speaking. I would then right out the words that would be in the strip, and I would make sure that every same letter looks pretty much the same, or else the readers would get confused. Then, I would lightly pencil the characters and background in every frame.

Once I'm done with sketching everything in pencil, I would take out my waterproof pen felt tipped, and doesn't leak over the paper and go over the penciled words at the top of the frames. Then I would use the same pen to go over the characters and main stuff. Now we're almost done.

I then take out my thinner, trusty, stabilo pen, and line the background and add any missing details. Once that is done, I check for any mistakes and use my white-out pen to cover any. TADA, it's finished on paper.

I will then scan it into the computer and fill any shading places with black or greyscale.

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Aug 20, 2009
Hi Isaac!
by: Martin

Thanks for those precious steps! We all draw differently using various tools and software...

Reading what others are doing can really give us new ideas and maybe help us improve our own techniques!



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