how to draw a star pictures & video

Enjoy drawing a cute star picture made using a simple technique that can easily be applied by anyone. Indeed, I will show you how to create a basic template that will be used to sketch this fun illustration in just minutes. You can enjoy a video tutorial as well as a simple written version to help you achieve your goal. Ready? Let's start with the most relevant one for this lesson: the video.

How to draw a star pictures & video

The importance of seeing it all in action!

For this tutorial, the video is extremely important. Although the written version is also great, the video shows how to trace the star using a simple circle as a guideline. If you need more help once the video is completed, simple scroll down to enjoy more tips. :)

A fun star picture that everyone can draw!

First, you need to sketch a large circular shape that will be used to create the subject. Once you are done, sketch the start from the top using one single line as shown in the image below. It doesn't matter if lines are not perfect for now. Our goal is jut to have a template to guide us.

How to draw a star pictures & video

Next, you can draw the cartoon star using more precise strokes. The tip of all five triangles can be pointed or round. For this tutorial, I went for smooth edges. Finally, add two small oval shapes to illustrate the eyes and one short curved line to form the mouth.

How to draw a star pictures & video

Great job! Below you can see the star once all lines are black and once the template (the gray lines) are completely removed. I really like the fact that most lines are not quite perfect.

How to draw a star pictures & video

Time to add some colors! Using only a bright yellow color can be boring. To make this character more appealing, why not add a large orange border all around the body? Looks cool! Don't you think? For the eyes, you can select a darker version of the same orange color.

How to draw a star pictures & video

four easy steps. One cool cartoon star!

Below you can see all four steps required to sketch this star properly. Now that you know a little bit more how to create such a character, feel free to try new things. Change the shape, the posture or the color of the subject. The more you experiment, the more you are learning! ;)

How to draw a star pictures & video

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