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How to draw a Squirrel Clipart using smooth solid shapes

How To Draw A Squirrel Clipart

In this tutorial, you will have the chance to create a simple squirrel clipart using simple elements in just three easy steps (well ... four if you count the addition of colors! :). To make this lesson easier, the character is displayed from a front view instead of a side one. Only basic details are shown so that you can concentrate on building the shapes accurately without the need to add useless elements to the illustration.

These small animals are quick, agile and very fun to look at. They are very present in the Americas, Africa and Australia. Of course, the most impressive squirrels are probably the flying ones. Squirrels are eating nuts, insects and sometimes smaller animals. Are you ready to draw a simple version made from basic shapes? Great! Let's start this lesson now! :)

Step 1

First, you can draw the body of the character using a large rectangle. On top of this shape, draw two small circular shapes to form the ears. Then, you can draw the eyes using large circles. The pupils are smaller and located inside the eyes. Just below these eyes, you can draw the nose using a small oval shape. The mouth is made from a large curved line and the teeth from small rectangles. A small straight line can be seen between the mouth and the nose.

How To Draw A Squirrel Clipart

Step 2

Nice work. Next, you can draw a large tail using a rectangle made from round corners. The feet are done using oval shapes and the arms are drawn using curved lines. Remember to use thick strokes (or outlines) to create a cute character that is visually appealing and easier to read.

How To Draw A Squirrel Clipart

Step 3

It's time to add small details inside the character and complete the drawing part of this tutorial (yes ... already!). Inside the ears, draw small patches made from a straight line on the bottom and a curved one on top. Around the mouth, draw a large oval shape to illustrate another patch as shown below. Finally, create another patch on the stomach of the character using another curved line.

How To Draw A Squirrel Clipart

Step 4

You can now add colors to bring this cute character to life. The body must be filled with a light brown color. The tail and the feet can be darker. Patches inside the ears, around the mouth and on the stomach can be lighter. The pupils are also darker while the eyes and teeth are simply filled with a white color. Outlines are colored in brown.

How To Draw A Squirrel Clipart

Congratulations! This Squirrel Clipart looks amazing!

This is one interesting squirrel clipart! As you can see, illustrating this cartoon animal was relatively easy. You can also try five more tutorials featuring this fun animal if you want to work with different designs. First, this simple squirrel made from rectangles is perfect for beginners. Next, this second squirrel made from curved lines is also quite accessible if you don't want to work with squares.

How To Draw A Squirrel Clipart

This third squirrel is also easy to draw, but slightly more difficult than the previous two. The fourth one is featuring a cute animal drawn with various shapes, lines and colors. Finally, the fifth one is dedicated to those who prefer to work with a digital application and draw a character filled with fun effects. Have fun! :)

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