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how to draw a squid clipart filled with amazing textures

Learn how to create a beautiful squid clipart filled with complex shadows and textures. If you are looking for a more challenging tutorial, then you have come to the right place. This character is definitely more difficult to draw, especially if you are not familiar with the creation of textures.

How to draw a squid clipart

Fortunately, you can still succeed easily if you take your time and follow all steps found below carefully. Before illustrating this squid cartoon, let's see what are the important things we should look for ...

  1. Two fins are visible on both sides of the head.
  2. The top of the head is narrow, round, but also sharp. 
  3. Textures (made from bubble) are added on the forehead.
  4. Eyes are made from oval shapes and pupils are created using dots.
  5. Eight tentacles must be drawn below the body.
  6. Small suckers are located below all tentacles.
  7. Tentacles found behind the sea creature are darker.
  8. More texture is added on the body of the animal.

Great! Now that we are more familiar with the character we are about to draw, let's start this lesson with one easy step!

step 1 - adding lines and shapes

It's a good practice to sketch a few basic shapes and lines to create a template that will be used to draw the animal. For this squid clipart, you can start by adding a large oval shape to form the head and a small square to create the body. All eight tentacles are represented by thick lines.

How to draw a squid clipart

step 2 - drawing the head and the eyes

Cool! Now that we have a guideline to help us through the drawing process, let's create some body parts! First, work on the head using several long curved lines. The eyes are made from oval shapes. 

When you are finished, you can erase the oval shape and the square created earlier.

How to draw a squid clipart

step 3 - adding the tentacles

Next, you can illustrate the tentacles using more curved lines. Make sure these parts are long and pointed near the end. Once again, you can erase all orange lines created in the first step when you are done. Only a few additional details are needed to complete the first part of this lesson.

How to draw a squid clipart

step 4 - Sketching small circles ... lots of them!

Inside the eyes of the squid clipart, add the pupils using large dots. Then, you can draw all suckers found below each tentacle using small curved lines. Believe it or not, we are done drawing the creature. All we need to do is add colors and some digital effects ... :)

How to draw a squid clipart

step 5 - A light skin color all over the body

The top of the head is filled with a light skin color. The body and the tentacles are filled with the same color, only darker. Finally, tentacles located behind the front ones are also filled with another dark color. Pupils are blue to create an interesting contrast inside the cartoon squid. You can also color all strokes and outlines with a dark version of the color used inside the character.

How to draw a squid clipart

step 6 - the first effect to create: gradient colors

If you are using a vector application, then you know how gradient colors are easy to implement (and how this effect can create depth and volume instantly). Use this tool on the head, the body and the tentacles. You can see below how these shapes are now more appealing once the effect is applied almost everywhere.

How to draw a squid clipart

step 7 - Shadows to create more depth

Some areas of the squid cartoon are less exposed to lighting. Simply draw a new (and much darker) shape inside these areas and apply some transparency to create a subtle effect (otherwise all shapes will be too dark and look not quite realistic).

How to draw a squid clipart

step 8 - bright areas to form reflection!

We don't need to hold a squid to know that this one is probably viscous and gelatinous. To create the proper effect, let's add some bright areas on the forehead. Simply draw white shapes on the head and on the fins and make these new shapes partially transparent (especially on the bottom). A long line is also added on the forehead as shown below.

More white shapes are drawn on the front tentacles to create even more volume. Once again, use transparency to make the bottom of all new shapes completely hidden. These new shapes are surrounded by a temporary green outline below.

How to draw a squid clipart

step 9 - textures on the forehead made from bubbles

To make the forehead of this squid clipart even shinier, why not draw some texture using mostly small white dots that are also partially hidden. These new shapes also have a temporary green outline below, but you can see the final result in all following steps.

How to draw a squid clipart

step 10 - one last texture to conclude this tutorial

On the body (between the eyes) draw dark lines as shown in the image below. These lines can be filled with a dark skin color (they are currently green, but the result is available in the next step). Once again, feel free to add some transparency on these lines to make the effect subtle and more effective.

How to draw a squid clipart

step 11 - this is our final squid clipart!

We did it! After sketching a simple template, drawing all lines, filling the character with colors and adding some nice digital effects, we now have a cute squid cartoon ready to be shared with the world! Remember that all these tips can be applied on any characters that you can think of!

How to draw a squid clipart

eleven complex steps to create a beautiful creature!

It's true that this lesson can be overwhelming at first. If you don't have experience creating shadows, reflections and textures, then turning this simple squid clipart into a complex and gorgeous illustration can become a nightmare!

How to draw a squid clipart

Don't hesitate to take your time and study each step carefully before proceeding. Feel free to create your own version once you are done and don't forget to try more animals from the same series here if you want to learn new tips using fun cartoon animals like this one! :)

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