How to Draw a Soldier Clipart

Create a colorful soldier clipart that is adorable, good-looking and ready to execute some orders! In this lesson, I will show you how to draw this cute cartoon character found below using only squares, rectangles, circles and curved lines. Then, we will add plain colors to complete this tutorial.

Being a soldier is not an easy task. Your life is on the line and some people don't like the fact that this job is related to war or violence. However, being a soldier is not just about going to war. You also need to help people that are in dangerous situations (like natural disasters), protect your country and keep peace in hostile regions. Let's see how we can pay tribute to these men and women by drawing a cool cartoon character.

How To Draw A Soldier Clipart

Step 1

First, draw a small square to form the head. Then, sketch a small rectangle below to illustrate the legs. The arms are done from small rectangles and the hands are made using small circles. Create another large rectangle to represent the legs and sketch large curved lines to form the feet.

How To Draw A Soldier Clipart

Step 2

Excellent! On top of the head, draw a long curved line to create the helmet. Sketch a long straight line on both sides of the head. The eyes, the pupils and the ears are all made from circles. The mouth is made from a medium curved line. Finally, draw a long line on the shirt of the cartoon soldier.

How To Draw A Soldier Clipart

Step 3

On the helmet, draw some patches using irregular circles and oval shapes. On the shirt, draw two small pockets, more patches and a belt holding a few accessories. That's already it for the drawing aspect of this lesson. Let's add some colors to end up with a visually appealing illustration.

How To Draw A Soldier Clipart

Step 4

The helmet and the suit are filled with a nice green color. Patches on the helmet and the costume can be slightly darker. The pupils, the belt and the shoes can be brown. That's pretty much it for this tutorial! 

How To Draw A Soldier Clipart

Cool! This nice soldier clipart can now do anything you want!

These are all steps you need to achieved to create a beautiful cartoon soldier like the one found on this page. Don't hesitate to try various accessories, colors and shapes to create something completely different. Just be creative and unleash your imagination! You can also draw more characters from the same series here. Enjoy! :)

How To Draw A Soldier Clipart

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