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how to draw a soccer clipart featuring an adorable character

How to draw a soccer clipart

Learn to draw a soccer clipart featuring a cute cartoon character enjoying this fun and accessible sport. You will learn how to create this simple player using a basic template made from curved lines. Then, you will have the opportunity to add more details to enhance the illustration and make sure this one is easily recognizable.

Soccer (or football in Europe) is without a doubt the most popular sport in the world. The simplicity of the rules and the fact that this sport can be played by virtually anyone are probably the reasons why so many people are enjoying soccer. Ready? Let's begin this lesson now!

Drawing the main shape of the character

First, we can start with the creation of the head and body using mostly long curved lines. As you can see below, the head is much bigger than the body. The top of the head is narrower and the bottom of the body must be slightly wider. Also, all lines can be drawn with pointed ends. It's not mandatory, but the effect is definitely cool!

How to draw a soccer clipart

adding arms and legs

Once you are done creating the head and body of the soccer player, let's draw both arms and legs. Arms are made from short rectangles while hands are done with short curved lines. Next, add the short using more simple lines. Shoes are made from irregular lines and both elements are connected by more short lines (yes, I know ... there are several lines involved! ;)

How to draw a soccer clipart

working on the facial features

Yes, the face is definitely the most important part of the character. This is usually the first place we are looking for when admiring a cartoon character. That's why it's crucial to make this one easily recognizable and fun to look at.

First, draw the eyes using large circles. Add both pupils using small dots. The nose is made from a short broken line. Teeth are made from a mix of several small lines. Ears are done using curved lines and eyebrows are added above the eyes of the character.

How to draw a soccer clipart

adding some hair and a simple ball

On top of the head, draw several short curved lines to illustrate the hair. The soccer ball is made from a perfect circle and added near the left foot of the player. Now that the most obvious shapes are drawn, let's proceed to the next step and add some fun details.

How to draw a soccer clipart

adding a few basic details

Inside the soccer ball, draw the patterns using pentagons. On the shirt of the cartoon character, draw a small logo (for this example, only a circle was added). Finally, sketch a short line near both wrists of the player. Good job! Time to add some bright colors!

How to draw a soccer clipart

adding colors to bring this character to life

This cute player is filled mostly with brown and blue colors. First, you can add a bright blue color on the uniform of the character. The logo and the stripes can be white. The skin, the shoes and the hair are colored in brown. The ball is black and gray.

How to draw a soccer clipart

good work drawing a simple soccer clipart

I hope you had fun drawing this basic soccer clipart. Below you can see all six steps required to illustrate this character properly.

How to draw a soccer clipart

Now that you are more familiar with the steps needed to draw this fun clipart image, you can try more animals and characters from the same series here. Remember to practice as often as possible (very important) and don't hesitate to create new characters like the ones below using these tips and techniques.

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