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How to Draw A Soccer Cartoon Player in action

How To Draw A Soccer Cartoon Player In Action

Drawing a soccer cartoon player can easily be done using this simple step-by-step lesson. If you are an active person, then you probably already know that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. You just need a ball and a couple of friends to play.

This sport is not as popular in North America as it is in the rest of the world, but it doesn't mean that it's not a great sport to play! In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a basic soccer player with minimum accessories. If you wish to learn how to draw a soccer ball, I invite you to take a look at my other drawing lesson on how to draw a soccer ball.

Ready? Let's see how we can create the player found above using only a few simple steps.

sketching a template made from basic shapes

The first thing we can do is sketch a few basic shapes to help us draw the character. Not only can you adjust the proportions of the body, but you can also use this opportunity to work on the posture. Start this lesson by drawing an oval shape to form the head.

The neck is represented by a small square. The body is made from another large square while both shoulders are done from smaller shapes. The current shapes used to illustrate the body are in fact used to create the t-shirt of the player.

How To Draw A Soccer Cartoon Player

adding more shapes to form the arms

Now that the t-shirt is done, let's add thin rectangle to create the arm of the subject. This new shape must be thinner than the squares used to draw the shoulders. For the hands, you can use small oval shapes. Complete this step by drawing the shorts using two more rectangles. Great! This soccer cartoon player is definitely coming to life!

How To Draw A Soccer Cartoon Player

Working on the legs using more simple shapes

Below the shorts, we need to add small squares to represent the knees. More thin rectangles are needed below the knees to create the socks. Just add small rectangles below the socks to illustrate the feet. Nice work! Now that our template is completed, all we need to do is polish the silhouette of the subject.

How To Draw A Soccer Cartoon Player

polishing the silhouette of the soccer cartoon player

Our template is ready to be used for the next step. Using long curved lines, we can now draw the silhouette of the character using accurate proportions and a relevant posture. We can start with the upper part of the body.

Long lines are used to draw the t-shirt of the player. Notice how the shoulders are created. The bottom of the shirt is also made from one irregular line. We can also draw the arms and the fingers using more simple lines. Since it's a cartoon character, don't hesitate to draw four fingers. It will be easier. :)

How To Draw A Soccer Cartoon Player

drawing the bottom part of the character

Using more curved lines, you can sketch the shorts, the legs, the socks and the shoes. One leg is in the air so make sure that this motion is realistic and visually easy to read. All shapes used to create the template can now be erased. We don't need these elements anymore.

How To Draw A Soccer Cartoon Player

creating a fun facial expression

Inside the head, you can draw large eyes using big oval shapes. The pupils are made from small dots. Under the eyes, sketch a nose using a small curved line. A bigger line is needed to form the mouth. For the ears, small circles can be added. Simple textures are also added on the shoes.

How To Draw A Soccer Cartoon Player

adding colors to bring the character to life

It's time to add colors and bring this fun illustration to life. The shirt and the shoes can be white. A light blue color is used for the shorts and the socks. Of course, you can try various colors and patterns if you want to. Possibilities are endless!

How To Draw A Soccer Cartoon Player

using gradients to create more volume

If you want to add more depth to the picture, you can use gradients inside the illustration (as shown below). Most elements inside the drawing are now darker near the bottom, but brighter on top. You can also sketch a ball if you want to make this image more appealing. 

How To Draw A Soccer Cartoon Player

Now that we are done illustrating this fun soccer cartoon player, you can try more fun athletes from this site below. Have fun creating cool characters in various postures and remember to practice often. :)

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