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how to create Snake Drawings using several fun effects

How To Create Snake Drawings Using Several Fun Effects

Are you ready to create snake drawings featuring an amusing cartoon character like this one? Don't worry! It's perfectly normal at first if you need more than one illustration to get the proper posture and design of this cartoon character.

Drawing your own cartoon character can be tough, but sketching the illustration of someone else can be even more challenging. So just relax and take a careful look at this drawing lesson. You will see that it is not as tough as it might look.

Step 1

Snake drawings

If you own a digital tablet, you can create your sketch directly into your vector application. If you feel more comfortable using a pencil (like I do), just draw the snake using this traditional technique. 

Step 2

Snake drawings

Once your snake is done, use the image as a template and draw dark outlines on the canvas as shown above. The cartoon character doesn't have too much details on it, so it should take a few minutes to duplicate this step. 

Step 3

Snake drawings

Now that the outlines are completed, you can create a new layer over the template and add solid shapes filled with plain colors. The result so far is a nice 2D cartoon character that could be our final step.

Step 4

Snake drawings

Since I want to create something more elaborated, I need to pick up the gradient tool and add a second color to all shapes created previously. As you can see on the drawing above, I now have a subtle shadow on the snake's body and on the patches.

Step 5

Snake drawings

To create complex shadows, I need to draw new shapes on areas that are less affected by light. In this case, shapes were added on the head, below the mouth, around the eye, on the pupil, on the tongue, on the body and on the patches.

Step 6

Snake drawings

Using the transparency tool, I need to make sure that these shadows are not too distracting. Right now, dark shapes on these areas are not easy to read. I just need to partially hide the top part of each shape, making the shadows more subtle and convincing.

Step 7

Snake drawings

If you are familiar to 3D, you know that reflection is also a great addition to convert a 2D drawing into something that looks more realistic. Draw white shapes on selected areas (see image above).

Step 8

Snake drawings

Once again, use the transparency tool to hide these shapes. This time, you must keep the top area of all shapes and hide the bottom. Snake drawings are nicer now, but we can add a last modification to make it more enjoyable.

Step 9

Snake drawings

Select the outlines and change the color from black to green (dark green). Repeat the same process with the tongue using a dark red color. That's it! Your illustration is now finished. I hope you had fun creating this character and don't hesitate to try more tutorial from the same series below. :)

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