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How to Draw a Snake Clipart using straight lines and circles

How To Draw A Snake Clipart

In this lesson, you will learn to draw a snake clipart mostly made from rectangles and circles. This design is relatively easy to duplicate and only a few details are available to make the illustration even more accessible. Only four basic steps are needed to create this cartoon animal and you can have a quick look to the final illustration above.

Most people don't like being around snakes, which is comprehensible considering the fact that it can be a dangerous animal to work with. Snakes also have an unusual body structure which makes this animal even more different and intriguing. Let's stop talking about this cool character and let's proceed with the first step located below this illustration.

Step 1

Alright. First, you can draw the body of the animal using rectangles. As you can see below, this shape was created using three different rectangles joined together. The largest one is used to form the body while the remaining shapes are used to illustrate the tail of the cartoon animal. You can also add a small line between the body and the tail to separate those parts.

How To Draw A Snake Clipart

Step 2

Inside the character, you can draw the eyes using large circles and the pupils using smaller ones. The mouth is illustrated with a long curved line as shown below. When you are done, you can proceed to the third step.

How To Draw A Snake Clipart

Step 3

This last drawing step is also quite easy to achieved. Simply draw round patches all over the body as shown in the illustration below. Draw just enough circles to make the character easy to recognize. Nice work! The drawing part of this tutorial is now completed. All we need to do is add some colors. :)

How To Draw A Snake Clipart

Step 4

Snakes are (most of the time) represented by a bright green color. However, you can also use red, brown or even black if you prefer. In this example, the character is filled with a green color while the patches are slightly darker and the pupils even more darker. Outlines are also colored with a dark green color.

How To Draw A Snake Clipart

Nice work drawing this fun snake clipart!

Great job! This cool cartoon animal is now completed. If you want to try more snakes made from simple elements, then you can try this cartoon snake done using rectangles, this other one made from curved lines or this one filled with plain colors. If you prefer to go for something more complicated, then this snake cartoon filled with great digital effects or this other version drawn using a more complex posture are also good options. Enjoy! :)

How To Draw A Snake Clipart

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