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How to Draw a Snail Clipart filled with saturated colors

How To Draw A Snail Clipart

Another simple character (a snail clipart) can be drawn in this exclusive lesson based on a basic template made from circles and rectangles. Why is this tutorial different from others and easier to achieved? Simply because this character is drawn using only basic shapes and we are using a front view instead of a side one. As you can see above, this illustration doesn't represent a huge challenge.

Snails may be cute insects that are colorful and ... slow, but they can still cause huge damage in several areas including agriculture. They are also a good source of food if you are able to appreciate the particular texture of this little animal. Are you ready to work on this simple character now? Great! Let's proceed to step number one ...

Step 1

First, draw the body using a large rectangle as shown in the image below. Make sure you are using a thick outline (or stroke) to create an adorable cartoon snail. Next, draw two large circles to form the eyes. The pupils can be done using smaller circular shapes. Finally, the mouth is represented by a large curved line.

How To Draw A Snail Clipart

Step 2

For this second step, you can start by drawing two small antennas on top of the head using small circles and tiny straight lines. On the back of the character, sketch a large square to create the shell of the insect. Most important shapes are now completed. It's time to add additional details to make the character even more enjoyable to look at.

How To Draw A Snail Clipart

Step 3

On the stomach of the cartoon snail, draw a long curved line to create a large patch. Smaller patches can also be added all around the largest one. That's it for the drawing aspect of this tutorial. We can now proceed to next step: adding colors to make this snail bright, colorful and visually interesting.

How To Draw A Snail Clipart

Step 4

The body of the animal can be filled with a light green color. Use to same color to fill in the antennas. Outlines for these elements can also be green (but a darker version). The patches on the stomach can be filled with a light green color. Pupils are also green, but once again, a darker color is used for this part of the body. Finally, you can use a light brown color for the shell and a darker version for the outline of the shell.

How To Draw A Snail Clipart

Slowly, but Surely, This tutorial based on a snail clipart is completed!

Nice job illustrating a fun and cute cartoon snail like the one found below. Why not draw another version using circular shapes and see how it goes?

How To Draw A Snail Clipart

If you need more inspiration, then you can try a few additional cartoon snails below. Have fun playing with these characters and just keep drawing as often as possible. :)

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