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Finding the perfect small business web hosting services can be quite difficult. Several options are available and many of these offers often come with restrictions on storage and/or bandwidth (even when the word "unlimited" is used ... better read the fine prints!).

In this section of the blog, I will show you a few alternatives to help you decide which one could help you create the website of your dream and ultimately, create the perfect online business. :)

a complete solution for serious entrepreneurs

The first solution that can be interesting for serious entrepreneurs is Solo Build It! Not only can you have access to unlimited bandwidth (for real), but you can also work with easy and professional tools designed to help you create a successful business.

SBI also comes with extensive tutorials, a step-by-step Action Guide designed to make sure every aspect of your business is covered as well as a powerful keyword generator tool filled with precious information. It's more expensive than most cheap hosting alternatives, but it works!

Cheap hosting alternatives

This is the best place to start if you are still unsure whether creating a website is for you or not. The risk is very low (usually around $100 per year), but the reward can be high (if everything is done correctly).

Unlike SBI, these accessible options are usually less successful because resources are shared and you don't have access to tools to help you generate profitable keywords. The biggest advantage of using these affordable alternatives is the lower cost and the flexibility of the tools.


Unlike other small business web hosting services, 1&1 is talking about "scalable performance" to separate all cheap plans that are offered. You can try the basic plan for $0.99 per month for one year, but then need to pay $7.99 to maintain your site online. Unlimited plans also includes the possibility to create unlimited websites.


For less than $4 a month, you can enjoy a free domain name, a one-click Wordpress install and premium support. This provider is already powering more than 2 million sites worldwide. Unlike several small business web hosting services found here, Bluehost has been around for a long time. 


When talking about small business web hosting services, it's hard not to mention GoDaddy. One interesting feature is the fact that all plans include a free Microsoft Office 365 Business Email for one year. All other features are pretty standard (which is neither good nor bad).


Another simple hosting company that has been around for a long time. Three simple plans are available and prices are set for a two years contract. Can be a little bit expensive once these two years are done. All common features can be found (like unlimited bandwidth and unmetered storage).


Three simple plans (all with unlimited bandwidth and free domain name registration) and all the essential features needed to create a beautiful site. Enjoy more power and more performance using the Business Pro plan (as well as some security enhancements). 


Another interesting option with all the features you are looking for (website builder, free templates, free domain and ecommerce functionality). Bandwidth is also scalable and disk space is unlimited. Also comes with free AdWords and Bing credits.


This simple solution offers a single pricing option (around $4 per month) and all usual features are available. Bandwidth is not unlimited, but scalable. Basically, if you are consuming too much bandwidth, you will need to upgrade this aspect of your plan. Domain name is free and you can try it for 30 days.


This interesting site is offering a free alternative (quite limited) that could be used to help you test a few ideas. Paid plans are also available and the emphasis is placed on the site builder and the customizable templates. A nice platform for beginners looking to start something new.


For just $5.50 a month (often offered for less), you can build your own site using a drag-and-drop site builder and add unlimited domain names to your account. Of course, unlimited storage and bandwidth are also offered. Also interesting for those looking to create a free online store.


You can try this one for just $1.99 per month (for two years) and then renew for less than $9 per month. Like most small business web hosting services, you can enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth, free online stores and site building tools. Install over 150 scripts in one click.


This provider offers a free option that is unfortunately quite limited. Paid plans are affordable (from $4 to $24 a month) and the site builder is relatively easy to use. You can also create online stores and use many more features not found on most popular cheap hosting alternatives.

Are all small business web hosting services equal?

So many choices, so many options ... it's hard to make a final decision when most of these providers are offering features that are pretty similar. I have tried a few of them for a long period of time (1&1, Powweb and Wix), but finally settle for Solo Build It! which was more expensive, but came with more advanced tools and premium support.

Don't hesitate to read more reviews before making your final decision. Sure, the risk is very low (only $50 to $90 are needed to host your site for one or two years), but it's always deceiving to build something using a platform only to find out later that support is lacking or tools are not performing as expected.

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