how to draw a skunk clip art

Learn how to create a skunk clip art in no time using this adorable drawing lesson that consists of a video and a written version of the character. Although this cartoon animal is not a pleasant one to meet in real life, it remains a fun subject to work with when drawing cute cartoon characters. Easily recognizable with its white stripes and long tail, skunks can be enjoyable and fun to play with. Let's see how we can draw the illustration found below in just four easy steps ...

How to draw a skunk clip art

A nice and short video to begin with

If you want to see in real-time how this cartoon skunk was created, then you can take a look at the short video lesson found below. From creating a simple template using basic shapes to drawing the animal using mostly curved lines, all steps are clear and easy to duplicate. If you need more information, simply scroll down to enjoy the written version of this tutorial.

How to draw a skunk in four easy steps

First, we need to create a basic template so that we can easily work on the posture, the proportions and the size of the cartoon character. Only a few basic shapes like circles, squares and rectangles are needed for this step. As you can see below, the head, the ears, the nose and the eyes are made from circles. The body and the tail are made from straight lines.

How to draw a skunk clip art

Good work! Once the template is made, you can start drawing the skunk clip art using mostly curved lines. Don't forget to draw a few stripes inside the head, the body and on the tail. A few short lines are also added on the feet of the creature. Make sure the tail is large, pointed near the end and really impressive in size.

How to draw a skunk clip art

Once you are done sketching the animal, you can erase all lines created in the first step. You should end up with something like this (see below). It's now time to add some colors and bring this cute illustration to another level ...

How to draw a skunk clip art

For this cartoon skunk, you mostly need a few gray colors. Patches inside the ears and the nose are colors in red. Both eyes are blue. Stripes located inside the tail, on the chest as well as the majority of the head are brighter. The rest of the cartoon character can be darker.

How to draw a skunk clip art

Have fun drawing more skunks!

Below you can see all four steps required to illustrate this fun animal properly. If you wish to draw more adorable skunks like this one, then you can start with this cute version mostly made from squares. Another version featuring a skunk drawn without outlines is also available. Finally, a cute cartoon skunk with large eyes can also be drawn. Have fun drawing this cute animal and don't forget to practice as often as needed. :)

How to draw a skunk clip art

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