by Karsen

I'm not going to write about how to improve your sketching but please read it.When your sketching and you mess up and you keep trying but you don't get it the way you want,you get frustrated.then you might want to give up.I got one word for you people who want to give up.Don't.just take a little could take a walk and think if you really want to give up drawing.Then you will come up with the answer "I don't want to give up drawing." You are not perfect so why should your drawings be? To some people drawing is a gift to them some people not.The last words I'm going to say here is don't give up drawing.

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Aug 27, 2010
Hi Karsen!
by: Martin

You are right! To quit is not the answer! You could be rich even if you don't draw very well!

Take the "life is good" t-shirt collection. Drawings aren't so great (I'm sure that 99% of my visitors can do the same or better) but the concept is still successful because people feel good about this brand.

Practice and have fun! That's what counts the most!

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