Sketching Tips

Learning some basic sketching tips is important in order to help you start your drawings the right way! If you are not able to sketch your subject properly, then it will be useless to move on with inking!

1. Photograph your subject

Here, I'm not talking about carrying your camera to take pictures! Before drawing a single line on your piece of paper, try to visualize your subject as much as possible! If you are able to create a nice mental image of your subject, then it will be easier to reproduce it using any medium!

2. Start with basic shapes

Yes, the step-by-step drawing technique using basic shapes is still the best method to create nice images! Don't hesitate to slice your subject in many pieces (in your mind, of course) and assign a basic shape to each of these pieces! 

Using basic shapes will make it easier for you to create proportions that are more accurate! You can also group several parts into bigger shapes to help you divide your work into small sections!

3. Put some markers to help you

Still having trouble creating a drawing with accurate proportions? Just draw some markers in strategic places to help you figure out how to draw your character or object more realistically. Don't forget to erase those markers once your drawing is finished!

4. Play with perspective

Don't hesitate to draw several lines to help you get the right perspective. Before you start sketching, make sure you know what kind of perspective you will use for your drawing (2 points, 3 points?). 

5. Play with shadows

In your drawing, try to identify the different sources of light and play with the shadows of your subject. Use different tones of grey to create shadows that will give more volume to your image!

6. Play with textures

Everything in real life does have some textures on it. Try to uncover the different textures of your subject and sketch them as accurately as possible! You can also create new ones to put a little fantasy in your work!

7. Don't hesitate to get messy

Sketching is fun because you can experiment, create new things without worrying about the result! Don't be afraid to go beyond the subject you are drawing and do something more creative, more original! Everything can be erased after all!

8. Refine until you are completely satisfied

Don't settle for something you don't like! If what you see on the piece of paper doesn't meet your expectations, just start all over again! Sketch and refine until you got it right! If you can use a pen tablet and a software to create, then don't be afraid to use the "undo" button if necessary!

Like you can see, learning these sketching tips is really a fun experience if you don't mind working hard while using lots of creativity! Have fun!

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