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how to create the most feared Shark Drawing possible

How To Create The Most Feared Shark Drawing Possible

Why create a ferocious shark drawing when you can sketch a cute and adorable cartoon character like the one displayed here? Indeed, one thing I like about drawing is the fact that you can cheat with nature.

You feel like creating an angry penguin? Just do it! You want to draw a cute shark? Just go for it! Possibilities are endless and you never know how it could end up.

Step 1

shark drawing

Time to sketch your character. Grab a piece of paper and draw a cartoon shark similar to the one above. Notice that even if the eyes are mean and the mouth loaded with teeth, the character still looks cute.

Step 2

shark drawing

Convert your illustration into a digital file and import the result in your vector application. Now you must create the outlines using the drawing tools. Lines should be thick and mostly curved.

Step 3

shark drawing

In your application, create a new layer and add plain shapes behind the lines. You can create a shape for the bottom of the body, the top of the body, the fin on top, the fin on the bottom, the pupil, the eye and the teeth.

Step 4

shark drawing

Select your gradient tool and add a second color on all shapes created in step 3. This color must be similar to the original one, but slightly darker.

Step 5

shark drawing

Add another layer between the one filled with the outlines and the one with plain shapes. Create new shapes like shown above to represent new shadows.

Step 6

shark drawing

These new shadows are too strong, so we need to use the transparency tool to partially hide these elements. We want subtle shapes with soft edges.

Step 7

shark drawing

The shark looks good, but we can create even more depth to the illustration by adding reflection. To do so, create new white shapes on selected areas (see above) and make sure that these new elements are not touching the outlines.

Step 8

shark drawing

Once again, use the transparency tool to hide the shapes created in step 7. This time, you must hide the bottom of each shape so that the white areas are located on top of the shark drawing.

Step 9

shark drawing

Now to improve the cartoon character even more, you can also change the colors of the outlines. In this case, a dark (but not too dark) blue color can be a good alternative. Great! Your cartoon shark is now finished and don't hesitate to practice even more using these additional resources below. It's the most effective tip you can try! :)

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