SBI online tools are all you need to succeed!

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If you want to create the perfect site, then SBI online tools are all you need to succeed! Indeed, SBI (or Solo Build It!) is a professional web hosting service offering more than just storage space and (real) unlimited bandwidth. Unlike most competitors, this platform was designed with one thing in mind: helping you create a successful site.

SBI online tools are quite unique

If you ever had the opportunity to build an online business, then you probably tried a few hosting solutions. Terms like disk space, bandwidth, SSL, PHP4, HTML, control panels, MySQL databases or DNS management are likely to sound familiar.

These terms can be frightening (and some of them are if you are not a programmer like me!). That's where SBI online tools are shining.

What really makes this system different from others is the fact that everything is integrated into one simple control panel. You can use a simple and powerful website builder to create pages, upload files and images without using a FTP software, search for all relevant keywords and perform more every day action in seconds.

Other fascinating tools include a versatile site designer filled with customizable templates, a business center to send newsletters, update your RSS feeds and create forms as well as another section to help you manage search engines and monitor traffic.

However, the biggest asset is probably the info center. You can have access to hundreds of articles designed to help you create a successful business. A simple action guide with all steps required to build your site (and get traffic from it) is also available.

Let's take a look at all interesting SBI online tools on an individual basis ...

Finding the perfect keyword as never been easier

The most important (and fascinating) tool is without a doubt Brainstormer. Simply enter a seed word (for instance, "How to draw" ... just an example ;) and this tool will come up with a list of up to 1200 keywords that can be used to create high traffic pages.

Indeed, each keyword comes with a number that measures the demand, a second number that shows supply and one that display profitability. Armed with this information, you can select keywords that are popular, but also not used often by competitors. See how this can be a huge advantage?

Build a site without using HTML or CSS!

SiteBuilder is a simple tool designed to create pages using blocks of text, images, coding (if needed), grids and various widgets. The whole system is intuitive and building a page can be done within minutes. You can also click on a single button to analyze your page and see if this one is SEO friendly (and to check for keyword density).

Prior to creating pages, you also need to choose the perfect layout for your site. Once again, you can select from a wide variety of templates (some of them being responsive) that are highly customizable. All these steps can easily be done by beginners with no HTML or programming experience.

more tools to make your life simpler

Like I said earlier, the beauty about this platform is the fact that everything is integrated. No need to use external tools, software or application to create a successful site. Here are a simple list of other interesting tools that can be used with Solo Build it!

Socialize It! : manage a simple social media marketing button that can be placed anywhere on your site (you can also make it sticky!). 

EU cookie widget : create a simple widget to comply with Adsense rule on creating an opt-in option for all European Union visitors.

Enable HTTPS : convert all URLs of your site to HTTPS and add an extra level of security and trust to your site.

Form Build It! : simple tool to create contact forms, ask for feedback, etc. You can also customize notifications and send autoresponder emails.

Content 2.0 : enables you to give the opportunity to online visitors to submit articles or illustrations. Great to get content created for you!

Search Engine HQ : see the rank of each page available on your site on Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Also the place to help you submit your sitemap to search engines.

Value Exchange HQ : get your hands on a list of high quality sites ready to exchange links with you. A good practice to help you get noticed on search engines.

... and the list goes on! :)

Helpful resources worth consulting

Remember what I said earlier about SBI online tools being designed to help you create a successful website? I really want to put emphasis on the word "successful", because that's what Solo Build It! is all about.

Unlike cheap web hosting providers who are offering tons of storage space and unlimited bandwidth (read the fine prints!), SBI wants you to succeed. The most obvious tools that can help you do that are the Action Guide and the Forums.

Indeed, the forums are loaded with small entrepreneurs that had success in the past using this platform. If you have a question about keywords, page layouts, how to monetize an idea or which external tool to use to go one step further, someone is there to help you.

The Action Guide is also a very precious companion along your online journey. Divided in ten days (each day being a step to complete), you will learn how to come up with the perfect niche, how to create and write great content, how to monetize these ideas and how to get loved from all search engines.

It's not perfect ... there are some limitations!

SBI online tools are amazing, but certainly not as flexible as the ones found in most hosting solutions available on the internet. For instance, storage is limited to 512 MB (not included are web pages and images, which are unlimited).

That can be a huge issue if you want to offer large videos to your online visitors. Fortunately, this can be overcome by "plugging" a cheap hosting solution to your site that will be used as extra storage. 

If you like to use a lot of scripts, use software (like Wordpress) or enjoy more flexibility with the tools offered here, then this can also be problematic. SBI online tools come as a whole and this environment can be somehow suffocating for long-time programmers who enjoy full flexibility.

So ... who is it for?

Solo Build It was designed for small entrepreneurs ready to create an information-based website in a particular niche. Sure, you find find the same level of flexibility, but all the tools required to help you design a premium website are included.

I use it and it works. Here is why ...

I've been using SBI online tools for the past 10 years. More than 20 million people like you visited How-to-draw-funny-cartoons during this period of time. I honestly never thought something like that could be possible.

Why this success? Simple!

  1. I have read the Action Guide and followed all steps carefully.
  2. I am an entrepreneur working on a very specific niche (drawing).
  3. I was patient building my business.

If you are interested in a very specific niche, if you don't mind taking the time needed to read all the documentation, if you are patient and are NOT looking for a "Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme", then SBI is certainly for you too.


  • Easy and accessible, even for beginners
  • Powerful keyword generator not found anywhere else
  • Great set of tools to create and maintain an online business
  • Designed to help you succeed, no just host a site
  • No limits on bandwidth (even if you have 20 million visitors!)
  • Great community filled with successful entrepreneurs ready to help
  • Excellent support


  • Not as flexible as a regular web hosting solution
  • Slightly more expensive ($299 for one full year)
  • Need to use an external hosting solution to increase storage capacity

You can visit Solo Build It! here

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