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how to create a Robot Drawing with an adorable look

How To Create A Robot Drawing With An Adorable Look

Creating robot drawing is a fun and easy experience. You can simply use a few squares and rectangles to form something with human features and you are done. However, drawing an interesting result can be more challenging.

In this drawing lesson, I will show you how to use a few basic shapes to create a cool robot made from realistic and visually amazing parts. You will see that you don't need to use complex effects to come up with a satisfying illustration.

Step 1

robot drawing

First, use a few basic shapes to draw the head, the body, the arms and the legs. For a nice retro look, you can use circular shapes with edges that are slightly pointed. Don't forget to draw cute round eyes. Arms and legs can be done with simple rectangles and oval shapes. The goal is to have a cute character drawn with simple parts.

Step 2

robot drawing

Next, you can add a few details like the mouth (that is made from several small rectangles) the ears and the pupils. You can also add a simple circle on the chest and two vertical lines on the body and on the head. Finally, you can add small lines on the arms and the legs to give a flexible look to these elements.

Step 3

robot drawing

Time to add colors! A good mix between white, grey and blue is essential to end up with a fun character that can be easy to read. On the chest and the head, make sure that the middle section is white. It must look like a simple stripe. Pupils can be colored in black. The arms, the legs and the circle on the chest must be colored in grey. Select a light version for now.

Step 4

Now that the cartoon character is drawn and colored, we need to add a few effects to make the result deeper and visually more exciting. All vector applications include a simple tool that can add a second color on a shape (it's probably called the gradient tool). Select all shapes and add a darker version of the color already available on each shape.

Step 5

robot drawing

Great! The result is nice so far, but we can add a few extra elements to make this robot drawing even more sensational! Presuming that the light source is located on the right of the illustration, you can draw a few darker shapes on the left of the character. These shapes can be drawn on important areas like the head, the body, the hands, the ears and the feet.

Step 6

robot drawing

Once you are finished, you can play with the opacity of these new shapes to make the shadows more subtle and relevant. Previously, these new shapes were great, but probably too dark to create the appropriated result! For a better effect, you can also make sure that shapes are partially hidden on the bottom and completely hidden on top.

Step 7

robot drawing

Now that we've added a few darker areas, we can also draw bright areas so that the light can play a bigger role in this image. To do so, simply duplicate all shapes and color these new shapes in white. Then you can scale these shapes down a little bit so that a small area remains visible all around them.

Step 8

robot drawing

Once again, you can play with the opacity of these bright shapes to obtain a more realistic result. If you compare this illustration with the one we had two steps ago, you can see how these brighter shapes are adding more volume to the robot drawing. Finally, there is one last modification we can do to complete the character.

Step 9

robot drawing

All outlines are currently colored in black. It's a nice alternative, but probably not the best one if you want to create a more realistic character. Change the color of all outlines using similar (but darker) colors to the selected shapes. Great! Now your robot drawing is finally over and ready to conquer the world. Why not draw more robots using these additional resources below? Have fun! :)

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