Recent Political Cartoon

With Barack Obama in place at the head of the US, I was wondering what a recent political cartoon might look like today. Georges Bush was an easy target and frankly, he did provide some very good opportunities for cartoonist to create funny stuff!

With Obama, it's gonna be interesting to see what a caricaturist might do without playing too much on the racial issue.

We are not in the 50s, and race should not be a factor to determine if someone is capable of being a good president just because he is black or white. 

So I don't think many cartoonist will try to play with this issue. Why? Simply because I think that Obama really represent changes for US citizen. And it will be interesting to see if he can meet these expectations.

But unfortunately, after surfing the net a little bit, I realize that yes, many cartoonist took the easy road and created cartoons like

Obama painting the White House in black. Is it funny? Maybe, maybe not... Is it original or the idea of the year? Certainly not!

Creating a good political statement through a comic strip is not an easy task. You have to be partial. You need to know the weakness and the strength of the character. 

Being black is not a weakness or a strength. It's just the origin of the new president. And it should not matter while drawing a cartoon about him.

You have to go deeper and find something special about the character to create an original caricature. You might try to place him in an unusual place or in a weird situation to find a good idea. 

Or why not mix two news to create one funny cartoon? For example, if important things happen in basketball, why not portray Obama as a basketball player and mix him with these news?

Being original means doing something new or never seen before. But it also means trying to avoid choosing the easy path.

It's more work, more challenging, but also more rewarding.

It's interesting to see Obama at the White House. It's fun to see America being so enthusiastic about their president. I can't wait to read a nice, clean and original recent political cartoon about him!

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