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how to draw a raccoon clip art that looks really cute

How To Draw A Raccoon Clip Art That Looks Really Cute

Learn how to draw a simple raccoon clip art that looks cute and adorable in this four steps drawing lesson. This cute cartoon animal is easily recognizable with all the stripes on the tail and large patches around the eyes. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create this amazing character quickly and easily using basic shapes, lines and colors. Drawing a fun cartoon raccoon has never been easier! :)

Using a short video to begin with

Do you want to see how this wild animal was created in real-time? Great! Simply take a look at the short video located below to see it all in action. If you still need a few tips or prefer to use a more traditional technique, then simply scroll down a little for the written version of this tutorial.

How to draw this raccoon clip art in four easy steps

First, we need to create a simple template mostly made from long curved lines. Let's use a basic gray color to make these sketches subtle. The head is done using an oval shape that this round on top and flat near the bottom. Two large triangles are added on top to represent the ears. Smaller triangles are added near the cheeks to illustrate hair. The body is made from two long lines and paws are done using more oval shapes. Finally, you can draw the tail using two long curved lines as shown below.

How To Draw A Raccoon Clip Art That Looks Really Cute

Cool! It's now time to work on this cute character. Eyes are made from small dots and are surrounded by large patches. More patches are added inside the ears and on the chest. Don't forget to draw hair on top of the head and near the cheeks. Large stripes are also drawn on the tail of this cute little creature. The character is displayed in a sitting posture with a cool and simple facial expression.

How To Draw A Raccoon Clip Art That Looks Really Cute

Now that our character is completed, we can erase all gray lines that we added in the first step. This fun wild animal looks cool, but adding colors is a good idea to make this illustration even more appealing. Of course, these colors are primarily a mix of different gray colors. For this lesson, no special effects like shadows or reflections are added. Only plain colors ...

How To Draw A Raccoon Clip Art That Looks Really Cute

Three different gray colors are used. The brightest one can be seen on the patch found on the chest and around the mouth. The darkest one is used on patches found inside the ears, around the eyes and on stripes located on the tail. You can also use this color on paws. The rest of the character is filled with a more neutral color.

How To Draw A Raccoon Clip Art That Looks Really Cute

Have Fun Drawing More Cool Cartoon Raccoons!

How To Draw A Raccoon Clip Art That Looks Really Cute

Above you can see all four steps required to end up with a character similar to the one found here. If you feel like drawing more raccoons, then several more tutorials can be found on this site. You can start with this version entirely made from rectangles or this one made with big round eyes. Another cool alternative is featuring this fun animal sitting and smiling in a more complex posture.

Finally, if you want to try something much more challenging, then you can draw this amazing raccoon clip art filled with gorgeous digital effects. It's definitely a version worth experimenting. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as needed.

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