How to Draw a Rabbit Clipart

It's time to illustrate a simple rabbit clipart using an easy step-by-step drawing lesson and a cool template made from adorable shapes. Rabbits are fun animals to create because they are so easily recognizable with their long ears, two small teeth, tiny nose and circular tail. Drawing such an animal can be a difficult task, but I made sure that this wasn't the case using a simple template easy to duplicate.

Indeed, instead of creating a side version filled with complex lines, this lesson is based on a basic character made from a large rectangle. Other basic shapes are added to create the animal and this tutorial should be easy to achieved, even for beginners. You can see the final result below. Ready? Let's work on this cartoon rabbit now!

How to Draw a Rabbit Clipart

Step 1

First, let's sketch a large rectangle to form the body of the animal. The head will also be included in this shape. Next, draw two long oval shapes on top of the rectangle to represent the ears. Inside the rectangle, add two large circles for the eyes and two smaller ones for the pupils. 

The nose is drawn using a small oval shape made from irregular lines. Below the nose, a large line is created to form the mouth. Finally, the mouth and the nose are connected by a small straight line.

How to Draw a Rabbit Clipart

Step 2

Good! That was a long first step, but the last three ones are quite simpler! For this step, start by adding two small curved lines to create the feet. The arms are done with straight lines as shown in the illustration below. Finally, the tail is done using a triangle made from two long curved lines.

How to Draw a Rabbit Clipart

Step 3

It's now time to add some details to make the cartoon rabbit even more enjoyable to look at. Inside the ears, draw patches using long curved lines. Around the mouth and the nose, draw another patch using an oval shape. Below the mouth, you can draw two small teeth using squares. You can complete this step with the addition of a long curved line on the stomach.

How to Draw a Rabbit Clipart

Step 4

Cool! It's now time to add colors! The rabbit is mostly filled with a simple blue/grey color. Patches around the mouth, inside the ears and on the stomach can remain white. The pupils are brown while the nose can be pink. The feet and the tail can be slightly darker to show a little bit of perspective. I also like to change the color of all outlines to make the character more fun to look at.

How to Draw a Rabbit Clipart

This fun rabbit clipart is now completed! :)

Great work! Below you can see all four steps needed to illustrate a fun cartoon rabbit like the one found on this page. I also created another drawing lesson featuring a simple cartoon rabbit made from circular shapes if you want to try something new. Have fun! :)

How to Draw a Rabbit Clipart

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