how to draw a rabbit clip art

Learn how to draw a fun rabbit clip art that looks cute and appealing in just a few minutes. Indeed, I will show you are to correctly assemble a few basic shapes to create this fun cartoon character quickly using a pencil or a vector application. You will also learn how to apply simple shadows in strategic areas to create a little bit of volume to make this illustration even more interesting to look at. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now ...

How to draw a rabbit clip art in 6 easy steps

sketching a few basic steps to create a nice template

First, we need to create a few basic shapes so that we can adjust proportions and create something visually enjoyable. One ear is straight while the second one is bent. Also, notice all the oval shapes needed to represent all legs and feet. Since we are creating a cartoon version of this animal, don't hesitate to draw a large head and a tiny body.

How to draw a rabbit clip art in 6 easy steps

Drawing the animal using mostly short curved lines

Next, we can draw the cartoon rabbit using a bunch of long and short lines. Notice the hair visible near the cheeks as well as the length of the back feet. Once you are satisfied with the character, simply erase all the orange shapes created in the previous step.

How to draw a rabbit clip art in 6 easy steps

working inside the head of this cute rabbit clip art

The face of the animal is rather basic. Two short oval shapes are used to form the eyes. Another larger oval shape is needed to sketch the nose. The mouth is created from two pointed lines. Finally, the teeth are also made from short pointed lines. That's it for this step!

How to draw a rabbit clip art in 6 easy steps

More details to create a more realistic character

Inside both ears, you can draw thing lines to create small patches. Another large patch is added on the chest of the cartoon bunny. Two lines are draw inside the back legs to complete the shape. Finally, small shot lines are drawn inside all four legs to illustrate the paws.

How to draw a rabbit clip art in 6 easy steps

It's time to add some colors!

The body of the rabbit is filled with a light blue / gray color. All three patches as well as the nose are pink. Both eyes are blue and the teeth are white. This illustration is almost done. Let's add a few basic shadows to create a little bit more volume.

How to draw a rabbit clip art in 6 easy steps

simple shadows made from solid shapes

No need to create complex patterns to form enjoyable shadows. In this case, you simply need to create new solid shapes filled with plain colors. These new elements can be seen inside the patches, below the right ear, on the nose, the teeth and the legs.

How to draw a rabbit clip art in 6 easy steps

Experiment and have fun!

Did you had fun drawing this cute rabbit clip art? Great! A simple bunny is also available in the same collection. It's now time to experiment, try new postures, new shapes, new colors and new patterns. Be creative and don't hesitate to practice as often as possible. Have fun! :)

How to draw a rabbit clip art in 6 easy steps

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