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How to Draw a Queen Clipart that looks prestigious

How To Draw A Queen Clipart

A kingdom wouldn't be completed without a beautiful queen clipart dressed with style and bright colors! In this  fun lesson, I will show you how to create a simple illustration using basic shapes like rectangles or circles and plain colors. This character is so easy to create that even beginners can complete this tutorial easily.

Queens are a huge part of a successful kingdom. They are often depicted as being generous, comprehensive and adorable. These ladies are playing a huge role in the background and no one is closer to power than queens. Ready to draw this fun character in just four easy steps? Great! Let's proceed now! :)

Step 1

Great! Let's begin with the creation of the head using a large square. Inside this square, you can draw four large circles to illustrate the eyes and the pupils. The mouth is done using a simple curved line. Next, you can add some hair on both sides of the head. Complete this step by adding another square that must be slightly larger near the legs.

How To Draw A Queen Clipart

Step 2

On top of the head of this adorable cartoon queen, draw a large rectangle and a long curved line to form the crown. Continue working on the character by sketching the arms using a bunch of rectangles. Hands are made from small circular shapes. Finally, you can add two small feet as shown in the illustration below. 

How To Draw A Queen Clipart

Step 3

Excellent. Let's add some details to make this image even more fascinating. Inside the crown, draw a few dots to represent jewelries. A vertical rectangle and a long curved line can also be added inside this part of the character. Finally, draw a long rectangle inside the dress of the queen.

How To Draw A Queen Clipart

Step 4

It's time to add colors! The whole cartoon character can be filled with a bright red color. Some elements of the crown are also colored in yellow and blue. The hair can be grey and the pupils are filled with a bright blue color. Notice how some parts of the dress are also colored in white. 

How To Draw A Queen Clipart

Only four steps and you can enjoy a beautiful queen clipart!

Below you can see all steps required to illustrate this wonderful cartoon character. If you want to try more tutorials (like the king, the prince or the princess), then please feel free to take a look at other characters from the same series.

How To Draw A Queen Clipart

Don't hesitate to try more versions using different clothing, shapes or even colors! Enjoy! :)

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