Puppy Drawing (Sketching + Vector)

A cute puppy drawing is now featured in this new step-by-step drawing tutorial! Puppies are fun to draw because you must use all the techniques possible to come up with the cutest cartoon character ever. 

Large head, big eyes, tiny tail ... all the features must be drawn with simplicity and cuteness in mind. Are you ready to illustrate the most adorable puppy ever? You can start with the video version found below and then proceed with the step-by-step tutorial located after the video.

Step 1

Puppy drawing

Cool! Let's move on with the creation of the sketch. As you can see, I tried to draw a large head and a very small body. The feet and tail are also quite small. 

Step 2

Puppy drawing

Import the illustration in your vector software. Draw black outlines on your puppy. You can use a line that is thick with tiny pointed ends.

Step 3

Puppy drawing

Create a new layer and add plain shapes filled with a single color. The nose and the tongue must be colored in brown and red. Make sure that these new shapes are behind the outlines. 

Step 4

Puppy drawing

Grab your gradient tool and add a second color to the plain shapes. This color must be a darker version of the one used previously. For example, the tongue must be colored with a lighter red on top and a darker one on the bottom.

Step 5

Puppy drawing

The cartoon character is looking great, but we can do better to make it even more fun to look at. Create another layer between the solid shapes and the outlines. Draw new shapes around the eyes, on the body, on the bottom of the ears, on the tongue and on the feet.

Step 6

Puppy drawing

Next, select the transparency tool and partially hide the shapes. Shadows must be subtle and delicate. The illustration has more volume now, but we can improve it even more using reflection.

Step 7

Puppy drawing

As you can see on the image above, you must add solid shapes colored in white on selected areas. These shapes must be smaller and the edges cannot touch the outlines. Make sure that these new shapes are behind the shadows created previously.

Step 8

Puppy drawing

Once again select the transparency tool, but this time, the bottom part of each white shapes must be completely hidden. Our puppy drawing is perfect, but we can do one last thing to complete this tutorial.

Step 9

Puppy drawing

Select the outline around the tongue and color it in red. All other lines from the cartoon character must be colored with a dark brown color. Great! Now the puppy is finished and the result is quite amazing. I hope you had fun drawing this animal and don't hesitate to try more characters from the same series.

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