how to draw a pumpkin clipart

Learn how to create a pumpkin clipart in minutes using this simple step-by-step video lesson. A written version of this tutorial is also available below the video. In this tutorial, you will learn how to illustrate a nice cartoon pumpkin featuring a simple facial expression perfect for Halloween. I will show you how to create basic effects using mostly simple shapes and plain colors. No special effects needed! :)

How to draw a pumpkin clipart

drawing a pumpkin clipart using a short video

You can start by taking a look at the short video found below. It shows the whole process, from sketching a template to drawing beautiful lines and adding colors in just a few minutes. If you prefer to read and have access to more information, simply scroll down for the written version ...

how to draw a pumpkin (for Halloween)

Great! You can start this tutorial by drawing a few basic shapes to create a template. We need a few guidelines to locate the subject in space and make sure all proportions are accurate. It doesn't need to be complex. Our goal is just to visualize the final result before adding the final lines and strokes. For this lesson, I have selected angry eyes and an open mouth filled with a single tooth.

How to draw a pumpkin clipart

It's now time to draw the pumpkin using a mix of straight and curved lines. For the main shape, don't forget to draw a few bumps on top and near the bottom of the subject. Also, it's important to create some depth inside both eyes and the mouth. Finally, a few lines are added inside the character to create more volume.

How to draw a pumpkin clipart

We can now erase the template that we have created earlier (all gray lines). The lines that were featured in blue in the previous step are the ones we need to keep. Let's proceed to the next step: adding colors to make this illustration more enjoyable to look at.

How to draw a pumpkin clipart

For this particular image, we mostly need colors like green, orange and brown. The pumpkin is filled with a bright orange color. Darker and brighter versions of this color are used to create depth. See how black lines are paired with a darker orange color. A dark brown color is applied inside the eyes and the mouth.

How to draw a pumpkin clipart

time to draw more pumpkins!

Had fun drawing this cute pumpkin clipart? Great! You can try one more Halloween version filled with complex digital effects. If you prefer to draw this fruit without a face, then you can try this simple step-by-step lesson of a cartoon pumpkin. Have fun experimenting with this subject and feel free to add more textures, depth and try various facial expressions. :)

How to draw a pumpkin clipart

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