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how to draw a princess clip art using simple outlines

How to draw a princess clip art

Learn how to illustrate a simple princess clip art using this easy step-by-step drawing lesson. You can try the short video tutorial or simply use a good old written version filled with all the information you need (or simply use both!). Drawing a cute cartoon princess is a fun challenge to take. Getting creative is easy. You can try new dresses, new haircuts, try different patterns or apply cool colors. Let's work on a simple version that is mostly created from basic shapes and curved lines.

let's begin with a short video

If you want to see how this cartoon character was created, then this short video is definitely for you. From adding a simple template using gray lines to drawing the subject using thick black lines, all steps are shown in real-time. Don't forget to try the written version below the video is you want to learn more about the creation process ...

Drawing a princess clip art in four easy steps

First, we need to create the template using mostly a few basic shapes. The head and the hands are made using perfect circles. The crown and the body are represented by rectangles. A few straight lines are used to form the hair found behind the cartoon character.

How to draw a princess clip art

Next, you can start drawing the cartoon princess using thick lines as shown below. For this version of the character, some hair are hiding the left eye of the princess. Don't forget to add some patterns on the dress and sketch a crown using triangles and circles. A nice big smile is also mandatory! :)

How to draw a princess clip art

Once you are done, you can erase all lines created earlier (the template made from gray lines). You can now see the final result in black and white. Adding colors is a must to make this cute girl even more appealing.

How to draw a princess clip art

It's time to get creative! For this example, a few purples colors are used for the crown, the dress and the patterns. The eyes are blue and hair is blond. As far as I am concerned, I like to use only a few colors to make the drawing easier to read, but don't hesitate to add more colors if you feel like it.

How to draw a princess clip art

Time to draw more princesses!

Below you can see all four steps required to illustrate this character properly.

How to draw a princess clip art

If you like working with simple characters, then you can also try this princess made from circles or this one mostly made from squares and rectangles. For those looking for a more challenging tutorial, this one featuring a princess filled with digital effects is a must. Have fun drawing cute characters and just be creative! :)

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