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how to draw porcupine pictures that look fun

How to draw a porcupine pictures & video

Easily create porcupine pictures that are visually appealing and fun to illustrate using the tutorial found below. In just a few easy steps, I will show you how to create simple shapes and lines in minutes to help you create this cute cartoon character. You can enjoy both a written version and a video tutorial to achieve your goal. Ready? Let's see how you can sketch and draw this cartoon porcupine now! :)

a video lesson to visualize all steps more easily!

This cute wild animal is drawn using a basic side posture. All you need to do is draw a few basic shapes and use those to help you form the character. This quick video should be enough to get you started. If you need more help, simply scroll a little bit more to enjoy more tips and techniques!

porcupines pictures are easy to illustrate! Seriously!

Great! Let's start this lesson by drawing a few basic shapes as shown in the picture below. First, draw a small circle to form the nose. The head is made from two curved lines. Then, draw a large oval shape to illustrate the body. A few spines are added using sharp triangles. Finally, draw three small feet using more curved lines.

How to draw a porcupine pictures & video

It's time to use all these shapes to draw the character using thick outlines. Don't forget to add a large eye using an oval shape. The mouth is created from a short curved line and smaller lines are added inside the feet. Once you are finished, you can erase all gray lines.

How to draw a porcupine pictures & video

Excellent! This is the cartoon porcupine once all lines are added. This fun character is pretty amazing, but adding colors is definitely a good idea. Otherwise, the image feels boring and not very interesting.

How to draw a porcupine pictures & video

For this example, two different brown colors are used. The one covering the back of the animal (and the spines) is rich and saturated. The one used inside the head and the feet is slightly brighter and more subtle. A darker version is used for the eye and the nose.

How to draw a porcupine pictures & video

Yes! Now you can draw a cool cartoon porcupine too!

That's it! We are already done! It's time to be creative and try more postures, different colors or sketch longer and sharper spines. The choice is all yours! Simply draw more porcupine pictures as often as possible and one day you will be able to create your own version (which will be cooler, I'm sure!). 

How to draw a porcupine pictures & video

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