Political Comics

Drawing political comics can actually be a fun thing to do! You can laugh at someone who doesn't really care (or doesn't have time to care!).

You can express your opinion through a political strip. You can be mean and crude! And yes, you can do all these things without almost any remorse!

Almost... because there is still a thin line that you shouldn't cross when drawing a satire about a politician!

1. How to be funny without being too crunchy!

Rarely will a politician make a big story about a comic strip laughing at him. They usually don't really care and won't waste their time bringing you in court for a drawing. 

Does it mean that you can do whatever you want? Of course not! You still need to be careful and use your imagination and good taste to make your readers laugh. 

For instance, try to avoid talking about the private life of a politician. Unless it's in the news, it won't make your drawing more interesting. 

Try to find what makes this person so loved... or hated! You can make a joke about one of their decision. You can exaggerate a part of their physical appearance that makes them so unique and recognizable! 

Just ask yourself if the drawing you are creating would bother you if you where the main character in it!

2. Being impartial

That's probably the biggest challenge you will face. We all have our favorite politicians... and the ones we don't like. Always bashing the same guy will only make your message ineffective. 

You will be portrayed as a member of the opposite party, which should not be the case.

Being impartial and capable of laughing at every politician (even the ones you like very much) is essential if you wish to have some sort of credibility! If nobody is able to tell for whom you voted in the last election, then you are (almost) perfectly impartial!

3. Finding the right angle

Imagination is the key when trying to create an original comic strip about politicians. Most subjects will be too obvious and the idea that you thought was perfect might be already on the mind (or on paper) of several other cartoonist in the country!

So you need to find a different angle, another way to present your ideas and your subjects. 

If you have a great idea right away when thinking about your next strip, then maybe someone else already had this idea. But if you keep this idea and try to use it from another perspective, then chances are that it will be more interesting and original.

So there you have it! These three simple tips might seem obvious at first, but they are essential in order to help you become a great political comics author!

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