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How to Draw a Police Clipart with a nice suit

How To Draw A Police Clipart

In this simple tutorial, let's learn how to draw a police clipart that is visually simple and easy to illustrate. In an ideal world, police officers wouldn't be required. Since we don't live in this perfect world where everyone is happy, friendly and loaded with good intentions, then cops are essential to maintain peace and make the world a safer place.

These men and women are making a difficult job. Each day, they must face danger, human misery and deal with tough customers. Unfortunately, some of them don't even make it until the end of the day. Let's pay tribute to these courageous men and women who are dedicating their lives to make sure ours is safe and secure.

Step 1

First, let's draw the body of the character using simple basic elements. You can start by sketching the head using a large square. The eyes, the pupils and the ears are made from large circular shapes. Then, draw two more rectangles to form the body and the legs of the police officer. Complete this step by drawing the arms, the hands and the feet as shown in the image below.

How To Draw A Police Clipart

Step 2

Great! Let's turn this basic character into a cop. Draw a large hat on top of the head using a thin rectangle and a larger one on top. A stripe can be added in the middle of the object and a small patch can be drawn in the center of this one. Hair can be added on both sides of the head. Finally, you can draw a mustache and a mouth below the eyes.

How To Draw A Police Clipart

Step 3

Inside the shirt, you can also create many small details like a collar and a few buttons. Two small pockets made from curved lines are also added on both sides of the shirt. Below this one, you can draw a belt and a few accessories using large rectangles. Cool! Let's add a few basic colors to make this drawing even more appealing!

How To Draw A Police Clipart

Step 4

In this case, the hat and the suit are mostly filled with a variety of blue colors. The small logo inside the hat can be colored in yellow. The pupils, the mustache, the hair, the belt and the shoes are filled with a brown color. 

How To Draw A Police Clipart

Cool! Now you know how to create a fun police clipart!

It's all you need to know to create this cool cartoon police officer in just four easy steps. Below you can see all these steps within a single illustration.

How To Draw A Police Clipart

Don't forget to experiment and draw more versions with different accessories or draw a female officer. You can also try more lessons here and unleash your creativity using more similar characters! :)

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