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How to Draw a Polar Bear Clipart made from clean shapes

How to Draw a Polar Bear

Need something refreshing? Why not draw a cute polar bear clipart like the one displayed here using simple elements and subtle colors in just a few minutes! Indeed, I will show you how to create this intriguing animal in just four steps using a vector application (or simply pencils if you prefer). This lesson is perfect for beginners!

Because of climate change, polar bears are now considered vulnerable species (and not an endangered one ... yet!). These wonderful animals are strong, agile in water and capable of eating large animals. Gifted with an excellent sense of smell, we all hope that this extraordinary animal will be among us for at least another 100 000 years! :)

Step 1

Are you ready to work on this fun animal? Cool! Let's begin this lesson now! First, draw a large rectangle made with a thick outline to form the body of the animal On top of this rectangle, sketch two small circles to represent the ears. Finally, complete this step by drawing two large circles to illustrate the eyes of the polar bear.

How to Draw a Polar Bear

Step 2

Next, you can draw the pupils using small circular shapes. These shapes must be placed slightly towards the middle of the illustration. Then, you can draw the nose using a long oval shape. The mouth is done using a long curved line and connect to the nose using a small straight line.

How to Draw a Polar Bear

Step 3

Good job! We are almost done! Inside the ears, draw small patches as shown in the illustration below. Then, create both arms using straight lines. Complete this third step with the addition of feet made from long circular shapes. It's now time to add some colors to the character.

How to Draw a Polar Bear

Step 4

It's true that polar bears are mostly white. However, to make this illustration visually more interesting, it can be a good idea to fill in the character with a light grey color. The patches inside the ears and the feet can be filled with a darker version of the grey color used for the body. The pupils can be blue and the nose must be black.

How to Draw a Polar Bear

Nice work creating a fun polar bear clipart!

Excellent! You can see below all four steps needed to draw this polar bear clipart inside one single illustration.

How to Draw a Polar Bear

If you are looking for something slightly more challenging, then you are invited to try this second polar bear made from basic elements. From there, you can sketch your own character and unleash your creativity using both tutorials as guidelines. :)

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