by Celina
(WA, United States)

This is a piggy! I started drawing this in 5th grade, we had a substitute teacher,and I was very bored!

I started doodling on a piece of paper, just scribbles; lines and dots and all that. I wasnt really paying attention to what was going on, and then the sub walked by me, and said "Oh, what a wonderful little piggy!"

I looked down on my paper, and a could just make out the shape of a demented pig. I traced it over and fixed it up all nice, and then it actually did look pretty cool!

If you put a little mask, and cape on it, then...voila! Its Spider Pig! This pig is extrememely easy to draw, so its really good for beginners! Enjoy!

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Apr 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

To me, i dont think that this piggy deserves a 5 star rating. But maybe a 3 or 4 at the most. This looks like maybe a 2nd grader could have drawn this. PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS INTO OFFENSE!! Really i just mean that it looks very easy to create.

PS (Note from Martin): Remember that it's not about choosing whether a drawing should deserve five star or not, but helping online visitors improve their drawings with nice feedback!

May 12, 2009
Hi Celina!
by: Martin

Nice illustration!

You got all the basic recognizable elements to make a very clean and nice pig! Once again, this prove that you don't need to draw hundred and thousand ofl ines to create a nice cartoon!


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