how to create a pig picture

Learn how to create a pig picture featuring a simple character filled with complex shadows, bright highlights and basic textures. I will show you how you can create this bright and colorful cartoon animal using a vector application and a few basic tips that can be used on any other illustration.

How to create a pig picture

First, let's take a few minutes to study the pig carefully so that we can have a good idea of what to expect if the following steps. This cute animal does have a few particularities that you should be aware of ...

  1. The mouth is made from a simple curved line.
  2. The nose is round, but the top is slightly pointed.
  3. Ears are also sharp and created from several curved lines.
  4. The top of the head is flat.
  5. Eyes are blue and drawn using perfect circles.
  6. The back of the body is large, round and strong.
  7. Don't forget the tiny curly tail!
  8. The back leg is made from one curved line and a straight one.
  9. Hooves are black and made from irregular triangles.
  10. The body is filled with textures made from tiny pointed lines.

Great! You can now select whether you want to watch the tutorial in the video found below or simple continue scrolling to enjoy the written version. Both are offering great tips to help you draw this cartoon pig quickly and easily. Of course, going through both versions is also a good alternative! :)

step 1 - sketching a simple pig picture

First, you can sketch the animal using a piece of paper and a pencil. You can see the version I ended up with, but you can draw something slightly different if you want to. You can add more details, use various shapes or even go for something simpler.

How to create a pig picture

step 2 - drawing long and beautiful curved lines

This pig picture is mostly made from long (and sharp) curved lines. Take your time to create perfect lines using your vector software.

Eyes and pupils are made from circles and the tail from a single line filled with waves and circles. Also notice how most lines are brown while the ones used to create the hooves and nose are darker.

How to create a pig picture

step 3 - working inside the eyes

The pupils of the pig are filled with two different colors: black and blue. You can also add a simple pattern to create some texture inside the pupils. Above you can see the pupils without the texture while below you can see the texture outside and inside the pupils.

How to create a pig picture

step 4 - time to add plain colors

You can select a bright skin color for this cute pig. The nose must be darker and the hooves are almost black. The front leg located behind the character as well as the patches found below both ears are filled with a darker color.

How to create a pig picture

step 5 - color gradients to create volume

Since we are using a vector application to draw this pig picture, working with color gradients seems like an obvious choice. Notice how the bottom of the nose and the body of the animal are now darker. Same thing for the hooves, the pupils and the patches below the ears.

How to create a pig picture

step 6 - shadows to increase the level of realism

Inside the character, we can now draw shadows manually in areas that are usually not exposed to the light source. These places include below the ears, around the eyes, below the nose and on the bottom of the body. Use solid shapes that are partially hidden to create these new elements (you can see this technique in the video version).

Below you can see the new shapes (surrounded by a pink outline) as well as the result once all pink outlines are removed.

How to create a pig picture

step 7 - highlights for more shininess

The skin of a pig can have a small degree of reflection and that's exactly the point of this step. Here, simply draw huge white shapes and then play with the opacity of these new elements to create highlights. You can also add reflection inside the pupils and on the nose of the character.

How to create a pig picture

step 8 - textures to complete this lesson

Our pig picture looks nice so far, but if you want to go a little further, you can also add texture on the body as shown in the illustration below. Simply draw a few dark lines and then use transparency to end up with a subtle result.

How to create a pig picture

this is our cute little pig!

Now you can see how this pig picture should look like when all steps are completed. Although the illustration seems complex and visually busy, adding all these effects is really easy once you understand how to proceed. All these tips can be used on any illustration!

How to create a pig picture

have fun drawing more pigs like this one!

Now that you know how to create this fun animal, don't hesitate to draw more versions using different shapes (like rectangles or triangles), various colors and complex textures. Be creative and feel free to experiment anything you want to until you find the perfect recipe for the perfect cartoon character! :)

How to create a pig picture

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