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how to create a Pig Drawing with a nice round body

How To Create A Pig Drawing With A Nice Round Body

This tutorial is dedicated to the creation of a cute pig drawing featuring a round cartoon character filled with bright colors! Pigs are fun to draw. All you need to do is sketch a large circle and add a few details and you are done.

That's exactly what we are going to do in this drawing lesson. Although the cartoon character is quite simple to create, adding all the required effects to give more volume to the illustration will be slightly more difficult.

Step 1

Pig drawing

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and create a cute cartoon pig similar to the one available above. Once you are finished, convert your image into a digital file.

Step 2

Pig drawing

Open your vector software and import your pig drawing. Create a new layer and add lines (no solid shapes for now) like shown above. I like to use irregular lines to create a better effect. 

Step 3

Pig drawing

Create solid shapes and place these new elements below the lines created in the previous step. You now have a cute 2D illustration, but that's not exactly what we are looking for.

Step 4

Pig drawing

Select the gradient tool (most vector software have one) and add a simple shadow on the bottom of each element of your illustration (except for the eyes and the pupils). 

Step 5

Pig drawing

Create a new layer and place this one between the outlines and the solid shapes. Add a few extra shadows on areas that are least affected by lights.

Step 6

Pig drawing

Select the transparency tool and partially hide portions of each shadow created previously. The illustration is great, but it can be even better.

Step 7

Pig drawing

Create new shapes just below the ones created in the previous step. Your new shapes must be entirely white. The pink one must be white too, but it is colored like that just to make sure that you can read it properly.

Step 8

Pig drawing

Once again, select the transparency tool and hide each shape accordingly. Stronger areas must be on top where lightning is more present.

Step 9

Pig drawing

You can also change the color of outlines for a more delicate result. Black outlines are great, but adding color to the lines will give a more interesting result. In this case, changes are subtle, but cool enough to be applied. Good job! I hope you had fun drawing this cartoon animal and don't hesitate to try more fun pigs below.

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