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How to Draw a Pig Clipart from circles and rectangles

How to Draw a Pig Clipart

In this simple tutorial, you will have the opportunity to draw a pig clipart created from scratch using shapes like rectangles and circles. This cute character was designed to be as easy to duplicate as possible so that kids and beginners can enjoy this lesson too. You can either use a vector application just like I did or simply draw the character using a pencil and a piece of paper.

Pigs are wonderful animals to take care of. Some might see these cute animals as a source of ham and bacon (which, of course, is absolutely the case), but others might also see a cute pet (yes, a pet!) that can be loving and caring. One thing is sure, pigs are great animals loved by everyone and that's why we are going to draw this character using a template as the one shown above. :)

Step 1

Ready? Let's start this drawing lesson now by creating a large rectangle to illustrate the body of the cartoon pig. Then, you can sketch two small ears on both sides of the head using pointed curved lines. For all three shapes, don't forget to use a thick outline to create a memorable character.

How to Draw a Pig Clipart

Step 2

Great! You can proceed with this second step by adding two large circular shapes inside the rectangle to represent the eyes. Pupils are done using small oval shapes. The mouth and nose are done using a rectangle with round corners. Once you are finished, you can proceed with the third (and last) step before adding colors.

How to Draw a Pig Clipart

Step 3

The tail of the pig clipart must be created with a long curved line. This line can be thick near the body of the character and thin near the end. Two small circles are added inside the small rectangle to form the nose. Finally, the front legs are done with lines and two small rectangles.

How to Draw a Pig Clipart

Step 4

Nice work! Time to add colors and make this fun character even more enjoyable to look at! Of course, this pig must be filled with a simple pink color. The pupils are black while the eyes are simply white. I also like to use a different color for the outline. In this case, a dark pink color is perfect.

How to Draw a Pig Clipart

A cute pig clipart filled in pink is the result!

The illustration below is filled with all four steps needed to create a wonderful pig made from basic shapes. Take your time and practice as often as needed if you are struggling with this cartoon character.

How to Draw a Pig Clipart

You are also invited to try another cool cartoon pig made from circular shapes if you want to try something different. More cute pigs are available below. Have fun! :)

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