Create A Fun Phoenix Drawing!

Learn how to create a phoenix drawing featuring an adorable character made from simple shapes and great digital effects. This great creature is quite popular in Greek mythology. Arising from the ashes of its predecessor, a phoenix can live for up to 1000 years. 

Often depicted with pointed wings and warm colors, let's work on a version made from basic elements are filled mostly with red and yellow colors. Are you ready to draw this great creature? Let's go!

Create A Fun Phoenix Drawing!

Step 1

First, I like to draw the outline of the character using several small pointed lines. Using irregular lines is a great way to create a more dynamic and visually interesting image. For now, most outlines can be filled with a dark red color. 

Create A Fun Phoenix Drawing!

Step 2

Next, create new shapes behind the outlines. These new shapes don't have outlines and are filled with plain colors. I like to keep the outlines and the shapes filled with colors separated. For now, the body of the phoenix can be red and the beak orange. The eye must be white and the pupil black. 

Create A Fun Phoenix Drawing!

Step 3

It's now time to select the gradient tool in your vector application to create some cool effects. First, you can add a bright yellow color on the wings to illustrate fire. You can repeat the same technique on top of the head. You can also add a darker area on the tail and on the beak. Finally, the body can be slightly darker on the bottom. 

Create A Fun Phoenix Drawing!

Step 4

Create a new shape filled with a bright yellow color on each feather found on both wings. Make these new elements partially transparent on the center of the character. You can also make these shapes smaller than each original feather. 

Create A Fun Phoenix Drawing!

Step 5

Nice work! In this step, you can draw additional shapes on areas that are filled with shadows. These new shapes must be darker and partially hidden. You can draw more shapes on top of the head, on the beak, around the eye, on the wings and on the body. 

Create A Fun Phoenix Drawing!

Step 6

Now that darker areas are created, why not draw more shapes to illustrate highlights in areas that are slightly affected by lighting. These areas include the top of both wings, the top of the head, the pupil, the beak and the body. All these shapes must be partially hidden. Only a small part must be visible. 

Create A Fun Phoenix Drawing!

Nice job illustrating this adorable phoenix drawing! :)

Great work! This is the final phoenix drawing once all digital effects are applied. I hope you had fun working on this cartoon character. More animals and tutorial featuring all these simple techniques can be found here. Enjoy this fun tutorial and don't hesitate to draw more characters like this one using your imagination! :)

Create A Fun Phoenix Drawing!

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