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how to draw a pencil clipart filled with cool reflections

How to draw a pencil clipart

In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a pencil clipart mostly made from simple lines, shapes and plain colors. I will show you how to add basic digital effects to create a little bit of depth and volume. Creating a dynamic illustration can easily be done using a few of these simple tips. Of course, you don't necessarily need to own a vector software to apply all these techniques. Everything can also be done by hand.

A few basic shapes to get started

To create a dynamic pencil clipart, let's sketch this one in a forty-five degree angle. The tip of the object is represented by a short triangle. The body of the pencil is made from a long rectangle. Small square is used to form the eraser. You can use another short rectangle to create the metal piece located between the pencil and the eraser.

How to draw a pencil clipart

Adding more details inside the illustration

More lines are needed inside the object to add more details (and make the result more realistic). Long perfect lines are used near the eraser and on the body of the pencil. Short broken lines are used for the tip of the object. That's it for the drawing aspect of this lesson. Now we need to apply colors and see how adding basic effects can make the whole pencil more interesting.

How to draw a pencil clipart

let's start by adding basic plain colors ...

First, you can add a bright orange color inside the main shape of the subject. The eraser is filled with a smooth pink color. A lighter brown color is used on the bottom part of the object. Finally, you can use gray colors on the tip of the pencil and on the metal part near the eraser.

How to draw a pencil clipart

A few shadows to create volume

If you are using a vector application, one easy tip to create cool digital effects is to use gradient fills. Although this technique is easy to implement using digital tools, it's not that easy to create using markers and a piece of paper.

For this step, let's simply add a few darker shapes on the object to create more volume. Looking at the illustration below, you can see that all parts located on the right side of the image are slightly darker than the rest of the subject.

How to draw a pencil clipart

more brighter shapes to illustrate more depth

We can use the same technique to create more depth, but this time while using brighter shapes. See how the left of the eraser is slightly brighter with the addition of a long oval shape. Same thing for the top of the pencil (the orange part) which is brighter and visually more appealing.

How to draw a pencil clipart

Have fun drawing more pencil clipart like this one!

Below you can see all five steps required to create a nice pencil quickly and easily. You can also enjoy a video version featuring another cool lesson on how to draw a pencil like this one. Feel free to experiment, add more textures, more digital effects and push new boundaries while creating the most stunning cartoon pencil possible.

How to draw a pencil clipart

Now that this lesson is finished, you can try more fun tutorials featuring images related to education. Hopefully, these additional resources should keep you busy for a while. Enjoy! :)

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