Pascal & Hal - Not a Problem

Pascal & Hal is a fun comic strip series featuring two adorable cartoon characters lost in a world dominated by technology, speed and pressure. Don't hesitate to proceed to the main menu to see all strips available so far!

Pascal & Hal : Not a Problem

About this comic strip: Putting your cellphone in your pocket can be dangerous. Many screens were broken because of this. However, holding your device in your hands all day long is also not recommended. Pascal is clearly addicted and I found it sad when I see people constantly hooked up on their cellphones. Real life is much cooler than what can be found on the internet. Having access to bigger cellphones is also another issue. Many kids are already having problems with their visions ... imagine holding bigger screens near their tiny eyes. Not cool. And we are not done yet. Folding devices are now available. That means more screens, more brightness, more movements ... more headaches! Maybe devices that can be folded will fit easily in those pockets ... and remain there ... maybe ...

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