Pascal & Hal - The Deal

Pascal & Hal is a fun comic strip series featuring two adorable cartoon characters lost in a world dominated by technology, speed and pressure. Don't hesitate to proceed to the main menu to see all strips available so far!

Pascal & Hal : The Deal

About this comic strip: Making a deal is not always that easy ... especially when you are broken! Pascal is trying to get a refund from a device that he doesn't own. That's not a good idea. Unfortunately, that's also the case for many of us. Cellphones are more expensive than ever and spending more than $1000 for a single product can be quite problematic. Of course, you can rely on monthly payments to make the whole process less painful, but it's still a good amount of money that we need to spend for this tiny object. At least Pascal was able to pay with a device he doesn't own yet ... that's an interesting alternative. It's funny how people like Pascal can become very creative when it's time to get their hands on stuff they really want.

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