Pascal & Hal - Payment Issue

Pascal & Hal is a fun comic strip series featuring two adorable cartoon characters lost in a world dominated by technology, speed and pressure. Don't hesitate to proceed to the main menu to see all strips available so far!

Pascal & Hal : Payment Issue

About this comic strip: We do everything with our cellphones ... and that's the problem! Losing this one can become a huge problem. Calendars, payments, social interactions, maps, emails, games ... everything is connected to our devices. All these services are also using various passwords that we must remember (1,2,3,4,5 being a dangerous choice!). A stolen cellphone can become a huge source of information for someone with bad intentions. So how can we protect ourselves? By using strong passwords ... and by making sure that we can connect to all these services using another device like a laptop or a computer. I wonder if the situation described in this comic really happened in real life? My guess is ... too many people on earth for this situation not to happen.

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