Pascal & Hal - Choices

Pascal & Hal is a fun comic strip series featuring two adorable cartoon characters lost in a world dominated by technology, speed and pressure. Don't hesitate to proceed to the main menu to see all strips available so far!

Pascal & Hal : Choices

About this comic strip: So many choices when it comes to selecting the perfect cellphone. Is it better to go with a premium phone or a mid-range device? Should you buy a blue, red or golden cellphone? This simple strip also display a different problem: using emoticons to share how we feel about something. Of course, it's easy to share a feeling in real life. Simply smile or scream and everybody will easily guess how you are feeling. Seems like our friend Pascal needs a little help to uncover the truth about himself. It's sad, but the perfect device doesn't exist. you might need to sacrifice battery life, a known brand or other cool features while making a definitive choice. Don't worry! That's how life really works! We need to make choices, sacrifices and live with our own decisions! :)

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