Pascal & Hal - Upgrades

Pascal & Hal is a fun comic strip series featuring two adorable cartoon characters lost in a world dominated by technology, speed and pressure. Don't hesitate to proceed to the main menu to see all strips available so far!

Pascal & Hal : Upgrades

About this comic strip: Nothing is more exciting than purchasing a new cellphone. All these upgrades are just ... soooo cool! Large screens, thin bodies, new applications, better battery life, more powerful cameras ... how could we live without all those features! It's crazy how technology is evolving quickly within 365 days. Once again, I am a little bit old school about this one. My current device is almost ... four years old! Imagine! I was wise enough to buy a cellphone with a huge battery back then, so this one is still lasting a few days on a single charge. Do I miss having the latest technology? Not really. I am just glad that I spent $300 for a device that lasted for all these years. Yes, that's less than $100 per year for a single cellphone. It was an economical and ecological choice that I still enjoy!

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