Pascal & Hal: fun online comics for everyone!

I am proud to present's first online comics featuring two adorable cartoon characters that everyone will love: Pascal & Hal. This series is focusing on the friendship, the misadventures and deepest secrets of two strong personalities based on real and fictional situations.

Exclusive short stories are separated in simple and convenient chapters. Below you will find a simple description of all characters currently involved in this series as well as the list of all chapters that you can browse. 

The Characters


Pascal is the main character of this series. Completely fascinated by technology, this adorable young man is having a hard time interacting with people in real life. Naive and easily distracted, he is always involved in situations that are easily avoidable (even if most adventures might feel quite complicated for him). Gifted with an impressive IQ (but a very low-level of common sense), he is the center of most stories from the series.

You won't find a kinder individual in your whole life for sure! Of course, nobody's perfect and some of Pascal's weaknesses will be displayed as this series is progressing throughout time.


Pascal's best friend, Hal, is quite the opposite. This young adult is calm, sociable and also fascinated by technology and computers. He might not be as smart as his best buddy, but he compensate with a good common sense and a very active social life.

Just like in real life, both characters are completing each other quite efficiently. While Hal can help Pascal go through weird and strange situations, the blond guy is a great source of inspiration for Hal when he needs some ideas for work ... or just for himself. No doubt that both characters need each other to go through what life is trowing at them! :)


Below you can see all current chapters available in this series. Most chapters consist of a series of comic strips related to each other by a similar theme. It is highly recommended reading all chapters in the right order since events from one chapter can have an impact on the rest of the series.

Chapter 1:  The Real World

1. Broken cellphone  2. Delivery problem 3. Retail store 4. Upgrades 5. Choices 6. Boring life 7. Payment issue 8. The deal 9. No more stress 10. Premium junk 11. Not a problem 12. Being reasonable

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