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how to draw a parrot clip art using a few fun examples

How To Draw A Parrot Clip Art Using A Few Fun Examples

Learning to draw a parrot clip art can be a ... colorful experience! Indeed, this creature is often depicted with a wide variety of colors like red, yellow, blue and green. I will show you how to illustrate a simple bird using just a rectangle as well as working on more complex characters filled with cool effects.

Parrots are exotic creatures mostly found in tropical regions. They can eat fruits, nuts and sometimes small animals too. Yes, parrots are slightly more intelligent than most birds. We all know how they can imitate the human speech using a few simple words at a time. Let's see how we can sketch these incredible creatures using a wide variety of basic lessons.

Building a parrot from a rectangle and circles

This first example consists of a parrot clipart created using a large rectangle. A small feather is added on top of the head using a short triangle. Both eyes are done from perfect circles and dots are made from smaller ones. You can create a beak using a triangle made from smooth corners.

Inside the animal, lines are drawn to represent the wings and feet. A large patch is sketched around the eyes. Don't forget to draw a tail near the bottom. Simple patterns are applied on the wings. Paint some colors inside the character and you are done!

How To Draw A Parrot Clip Art

Working with circles and curved lines

This next lesson on how to draw a parrot is featuring a bird made from circles and curved lines. As you can see below, the head is much larger than the body. A single feather is also added on top of the head. The beak is made from a triangular shape. Both eyes and pupils are represented by perfect circles.

Legs are done with very thin rectangles. Patterns are sketched around the eyes and on the chest of the parrot clip art. Don't forget to add reflections inside the pupils. You can add plain colors to complete this lesson.

How To Draw A Parrot Clip Art

Let's draw a blue parrot!

Like I said earlier, parrots come in various colors. This next cartoon parrot is mostly filled with blue colors. Once again, you can use basic shape to construct a template that will be used to polish the posture of the subject. Once this template is done, you can refine the head, the body and the tail using curved lines.

Notice the pattern added between the head and body. Patches are also drawn around the eyes and on the wings and tail. Unlike previous lessons, this one is filled with gradients. This simple technique can help create more depth and volume almost instantly.

How To Draw A Parrot Clip Art

A more realistic version done from a side view

This illustration of a parrot is also created from basic elements. However, the character is filled with more details like feathers, a complex beak and a better posture. Unlike previous characters, the eye is smaller and the pupil is done using a simple dot. Patterns are created using curved lines on the chest, the wing and the tail. Once you are done, don't forget to add bright colors. The animal is colored in red while the wings are blue and yellow.

How To Draw A Parrot Clip Art

Adding complex effects to increate the level of realism

Drawing a parrot cartoon filled with fun digital effects can be more challenging. The tutorial below is a good example of what can be done using gradients and shadows. Since this lesson is focusing on the creation of cool effects, we don't need to go through a lengthy step-by-step process to learn to draw the animal.

First, you can sketch this one using perfect lines. Gradients are added in the third step to give more depth to the character. Then, it's time to create some textures on the chest and shadows around the eyes. Reflections are also added in the pupils. Complete this lesson by drawing more shadows inside the body, below the wings, near the beak and around the chest.

How To Draw A Parrot Clip Art

one final version of a parrot clip art featuring more cool tips

This last parrot drawing is filled with most tips and techniques we have used so far. First, you can sketch the character using basic shapes and lines. Then, add gradients to increase the volume of the image. Strong shadows are drawn mostly on the left side of the character. Make sure these new shapes are partially hidden.

Next, create huge reflections on the animal by drawing large white shapes. These elements must also be partially hidden to create contrast. In the last step, modify the color of all outlines to complete this tutorial.

How To Draw A Parrot Clip Art

I hope you had fun learning to draw a wide variety of parrot clip art images featuring adorable cartoon characters. Just remember to practice as often as possible and feel free to sketch your own versions. You are also invited to try more fun animals from the same series here. Enjoy! :)

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