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How to Draw a Panther Clipart filled with dark colors

How to Draw a Panther Clipart

Work with a gentle panther clipart in this lesson featuring a fun cartoon animal that is easy to draw and duplicate. If you tried sketching a feline before, then you probably already know that these animals are quite challenging to draw. Fortunately, you can achieve your goal using this lesson and create a simple panther in just four easy steps.

Panthers are slightly different from other felines like lions, tigers, leopards and bobcats. Several species are available and they can be found in many places including Asia and Africa. Panthers are often depicted with a dark black fur.

This is the illustration you are about to create. This one is relatively easy and you should be able to create this cartoon animal quickly and effectively once all four steps are done.

Step 1

First, draw a large rectangle to form the body of the animal. On top of the head, draw two small circular shapes to represent the ears. Inside the rectangle, add the eyes using large circles. The pupils are made from smaller circular shapes and the nose is made from a long oval shape. The mouth is created using two small curved lines.

How to Draw a Panther Clipart

Step 2

On the back of the character, you can draw a long tail made from a curved line. Then, you can draw the arms using straight lines as shown in the illustration below. Finally, the feet are created from two small oval shapes located on the bottom of the cartoon panther.

How to Draw a Panther Clipart

Step 3

For this final step before adding colors, you can add some details to make the character even more interesting. You can start by adding small patches inside the ears. Then, a large oval shape can be drawn around the mouth. Finally, a large patch is added on the stomach of this panther clipart.

How to Draw a Panther Clipart

Step 4

Since our goal was to draw a panther, why not making it a black one! Of course, adding only the darkest color possible is definitely not recommended. I prefer to use a dark grey color for the body and a brighter version of the same color for all patches found on the body of this cartoon character.

How to Draw a Panther Clipart

Nice work! This panther clipart looks great!

Here is the final version of the character as well as all four steps needed to draw this fun animal.

How to Draw a Panther Clipart

I hope you had fun working on this feline and don't hesitate to try more characters from the same series if you like working with simple basic shapes. :)

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