how to draw a panda pictures & video

Draw and sketch beautiful panda pictures using this simple version as a starting point. You will have the opportunity to use a cute video as well as a written tutorial to learn how to create this fun character quickly and easily. Pandas are fun to illustrate. Mostly filled in black and white, they can easily be represented using only a few basic circles and squares. Let's see how we can sketch the character below using a video to begin with.

How to draw a panda pictures & video

Let's turn on the television!

First, you can take a look at the video below to see how this cool character was created. This is a pretty basic illustration we are dealing with, so it should be relatively easy to duplicate once you are familiar with the shape of this one. If you need more tips to draw the panda, keep scrolling to enjoy the written version of this tutorial ...

drawing cool panda pictures using basic shapes

Let's begin by creating a simple template made from basic shapes. This step is important so that we can  work with the posture and the proportions of the character before adding all final lines. First, draw the head using a rectangle. The ears, the nose and the patches are made from circles.

Next, sketch the body using a smaller square. Both arms are represented by small rectangles. Finally, complete this step with the addition of two small circles to form the legs.

How to draw a panda pictures & video

Now that the template is created, let's draw our cartoon panda. Make sure the head is much bigger and don't forget to draw long eyes made from oval shapes. Small patches can also be drawn inside the ears and the feet of the character. A larger patch is drawn inside the body.

How to draw a panda pictures & video

Now that all major lines are added, you can erase the guidelines created earlier. All lines drawn in the previous step (in blue) are the ones that we need to keep. This cartoon panda looks lovely. It's great, but it could be even better if we could add colors.

How to draw a panda pictures & video

We could use a black color inside most patches and body parts, but I prefer to use a dark grey color. The contrast is better and the result visually more appealing. Don't forget to add a little bit of pink inside both ears to complete this drawing lesson.

How to draw a panda pictures & video

Keep on practicing! That's the key!

Below you can see all four steps needed to draw this adorable animal. Don't hesitate to try new postures, new patterns or even new colors (yeah! ... a green panda ... why not?). Practicing is the key! Just draw whenever you can and you will see how good you will become over time! ;)

How to draw a panda pictures & video

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