how to draw an owl clip art

Learn how to draw an owl clip art and see the various steps needed to create realistic cartoon eyes that are appealing and engaging. You will see that illustrating visually amazing eyes can be done easily using just a few basic tips that are not too difficult to implement.

How to draw an owl clip art

Before proceeding with this drawing lesson on how to draw this adorable cartoon bird, let's take a moment to study this character carefully to understand precisely what's coming next! :)

  1. The beak is made from a pointed triangle colored in orange
  2. Eyes are large and filled with subtle details
  3. The top of the head is made of long feathers
  4. Cheeks are round and hairy
  5. The chest is covered with a brighter patch
  6. Feet are made from small triangles also colored in orange
  7. The tail is large and dark
  8. Wings are small and made from tiny triangles

Good work! We now have all the information we need to proceed with this tutorial. You can either select the video below or scroll down and enjoy the written version. Both alternatives are filled with various tips that can help you draw this character accurately.

step 1 -a good sketch for a good start

This is the illustration I used to create this owl clip art. This image is pretty basic and is mostly drawn using small curved lines. The head and the body are made from large oval shapes and the beak is narrow and sharp. Let's add some strokes inside this cartoon owl! :)

How to draw an owl clip art

step 2 - drawing perfect lines

If you are not familiar with my work, then you can see that I like to work with lines that are made from pointed ends. The eyes and the pupils are drawn using large circular shapes and the rest of the body is created from several small curved lines. 

How to draw an owl clip art

step 3 - adding solid shapes filled with plain colors

The next step is to draw new shapes filled with plain colors as shown below. The body can be filled with a dark brown color while patches located around the eyes and on the chest can be brighter.

The beak and the feet are orange while the eyes are yellow and the pupils brown. You can also make the wings and tail darker for now.

How to draw an owl clip art

step 4 - color gradients for a 3D look

Using the gradient fill tool, you can now create more depth and volume on the owl clip art by adding a second color inside each solid shape drawn earlier. For instance, you can see that the top of the beak is darker while the bottom is slightly brighter. Apply the same technique on all objects.

How to draw an owl clip art

step 5 - shadows to enhance the character

Drawing additional shadows manually is also a good idea if you want to create even more depth inside this simple illustration. You can draw these new elements around the eyes, on top of the head, around and inside the beak, on the feet and on the left side of the head and the body. Of course, the green lines below were only added to help you locate all these new shapes for this particular step.

How to draw an owl clip art

step 6 - highlights to increase the level of realism

Shadows are fun, but highlights are important too. These large and bright areas are adding more volume to an illustration that is already quite appealing. Make sure to play with the opacity of these new objects to end up with a very subtle result (otherwise this owl clip art might look ridiculous).

How to draw an owl clip art

step 7 - working inside the eyes

No doubt that the eyes are very important here. It's basically the trademark of the character. Let's take a few additional steps to draw beautiful cartoon eyes that are more realistic and fun to look at. 

First, you can draw a large black circle inside the pupil. Notice on the left how the top of the object is barely transparent.

How to draw an owl clip art

Next, you can draw a bunch of lines to create a simple texture around the pupils. Once again, these new straight lines are slightly transparent on top. These strokes are filled with a dark orange color.

How to draw an owl clip art

Around the pupil, sketch a larger yellow circle as shown below. This new shape is very hard to see, but it does add a simple effect to give even more depth to the drawing.

How to draw an owl clip art

On the left side of the eye, a darker shadow is drawn using a new shape. Once again, this simple digital effect must be very subtle so it's important to carefully set the opacity accordingly.

How to draw an owl clip art

Behind the eye, a large patch made from a huge circle is also added. Once again, the top of this new shape is partially hidden. This element is filled with a dark brown color.

How to draw an owl clip art

One last addition and we are done for this cute cartoon owl! On top of the pupil, draw a large oval shape colored in white. This time, the new object must be partially transparent on the bottom. The top of the shape should be almost solid. 

How to draw an owl clip art

a nice owl clip art made in just a few steps

This is the cartoon character once all steps are completed. Although most effects are quite easy to create (when executed separately), you can see that together, these digital shapes are creating an appealing and simple character. 

How to draw an owl clip art

Hope you had fun with this cute bird!

These are all steps required to draw this owl clip art using a vector application. I hope you had fun working with this animal and don't hesitate to apply all tips learned here on other animals. Eyes are complex body parts to draw, but hopefully you can now enjoy a few basic techniques to help you draw these elements more easily.

How to draw an owl clip art

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