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how to draw an olive clip art with great effects

How To Draw An Olive Clip Art

Sketching an olive clip art might seem like an easy task. Sure, this little fruit is mostly drawn using an oval shape and colored in green. Pretty easy, right? Adding cool digital effects to create a more appealing illustration is definitely a more challenging assignment. In this lesson, I will show you how to work with gradients and shadows to create a beautiful cartoon olive in just six easy steps.

Olives are quite popular in Mediterranean cuisine. Olive oil is also a very popular product that can be used in food, cosmetics, soaps and pharmaceuticals. Let's start this tutorial on how to draw an olive now and see how we can draw a simple version of the illustration found above.

using basic shapes to create the silhouette of the cartoon olives

Since this subject is quite easy to illustrate, we don't need to draw a few basic shapes to help us draw the olives. You can start by sketching a small tree branch and two small tails. On the tip of both tails, you can draw the olives clipart using large oval shapes. Notice in the illustration below the angle of the branch as well as the position of both fruits. You can use lines drawn with pointed ends to create this picture.

How To Draw An Olive Clip Art

Around the branch, you can draw a few leaves using long curved lines. I like to draw leaves that are long, thin and made from a single bump near the middle. Of course, this little bump must be smooth and subtle to create the desired effect. You can see the progression of this lesson on how to draw olives below.

How To Draw An Olive Clip Art

It's time to add colors inside this cute image. To do so, you can use the tool to apply gradients if you are using a vector application. This is very useful to create depth in just a few seconds. For the fruits, you can use an oval fill. The middle of the fill can be brighter while borders are darker. For the other elements of the subject, a linear fill will be fine.

As you can see below, the branch is darker near the left and brighter on the right. A similar result can be seen on the leaves. I also like to modify the color of all outlines to create something more appealing. Black strokes are fine, but it's even better when all lines are also filled with dark colors.

How To Draw An Olive Clip Art

Now that the cartoon olives are created and colors are added inside the picture, it's time to create some simple shadows. These new shapes must be filled with a darker color. It's also a good idea to use transparency so that we can end up with a more subtle result. Dark and strong shadows are not recommended for this particular artwork.

Let's draw a few shadows on the bottom of the leaves, on the tip of the branches and on the left side of the fruits. You can see all new additions below (surrounded by a temporary blue outline). Nice work! This cute olive clip art is almost completed!

How To Draw An Olive Clip Art

In the previous step, we have created dark shadows to create more contrast. Another thing we can do to increase the level of realism is sketch simple highlights and reflections. Just like we did for shadows, using transparency is a smart move. Unlike shadows, these new elements must be filled with a bright color (in this case, white). You can draw highlights on the leave, the olives as well as inside the little red area found below both fruits.

How To Draw An Olive Clip Art

nice work learning how to draw an olive clip art in six steps!

Once again, you can see the final result of this lesson below. It's now time for you to play with this tutorial and expand your creativity. You can draw more versions using more fruits, various angles or try more complex textures. Why not draw the whole tree? As long as you are drawing, you are practicing ... and that's the key to success!

How To Draw An Olive Clip Art

All six steps needed to complete this lesson can be found below. Creating a realistic cartoon olive is definitely not that complicated. Now that we are done drawing simple olives, feel free to try more cartoon food from the same series here.

How To Draw An Olive Clip Art

You can also enjoy this short list of cartoon fruits also made from basic and complex shapes. Have fun with these lessons and practice as often as possible. :)

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