This site Throughout The Years ...

It's always fun to look at old website designs from a particular site and see how this one has evolved throughout time. That's exactly what I am offering on this page. In just six simple screenshots, you can see the evolution of this website's template. 

Of course, I don't change these templates every year, but I still manage to make enough changes to keep the site visually appealing (well, I hope so!) and easier to read. Let's take a look at's past and present ...


How-to-draw-funny-cartoons old website designs

This screenshot was taken a month or two after the creation of the site (that was published online in late April). The design was simple and easy to read. White was the most important color and the menu was quite simple. Today, a menu like this one would take forever to consult. From just 8 links on the left menu, the site is now filled with almost 50 links! That's a lot of content! :)


How-to-draw-funny-cartoons old website designs

A little bit more complex, the menu is now on the right and more links were added. The current logo is still not created and only two columns are visible (now the site is made of three). I am still using this light blue color to create the template, but things are about to change ...


How-to-draw-funny-cartoons old website designs

Although it is slightly different from the current one, the logo is now closer to the one used today. Even more links are added and green is now the main color. These colors are bright and very intense. A third column is available on the right although this one is empty on the screenshot above. 


Colors are similar, but the characters have changed. The font used in the logo is also bigger and larger. The dark green content on top is not as high as the previous layout. Otherwise, changes are minimal and the design is slowly evolving into something different ...


How-to-draw-funny-cartoons old website designs

Colors are not as bright. The logo is simpler and more flat. Characters are not the same and visually, this template is more enjoyable (because let's face it, the previous one was maybe too bright, too colorful). Once again, the third column on the right is not used on this screenshot. For the first time in six years, the font is bigger and easier to read.

2015 (Part 1)

Keeping the same colors as the previous one, today's template is mobile ready and the menu on the left is now easier to read. A few characters have changed and the layout is slightly wider. Although the font in the previous template was bigger, this new template also introduce a font that is even bigger and easier to read. 

2015 (Part 2)

Another small modification was done to make the logo on top smaller and narrower. The older logo was nice, but a large area on top was simply unused. Now all the space on top is used wisely and the addition of a news feed on the right can help visitors enjoy all the latest articles on the site! :)


A two columns design with a large header and an interactive menu on the right side. This layout was the foundation of the current one and it introduce a large content area and the use of a responsive design. I enjoyed this one although the header was hard to customized.

The Future ...

It's hard to predict how this site will evolve. New technologies are available every year and the only thing I can say is that one day, I will have to change everything to follow the new trend, to stay up-to-date! It's a fun journey and hopefully it's gonna be a fun one! :)

Some of these screenshots were taken from WayBackMachine's website. You can use this wonderful tool to search any website and take a small look at the past. It's fun! Give it a try! :)

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